Shazna Jai

The Sacred Awakening

My passion and mission is to serve humanity's evolution reaching the soul essence of each person I'm privileged to sit with. I have 20+ years in service and hope this video gives a helpful explanation. 

- When you are ready to instantly relieve (and eliminate) your physical, emotional & existential spiritual pain, I am here for you.

- When you know you are ready to have the next level happen in your life, I am here for you.

- When you know that next level requires guidance, new perspectives, releasing of old patterns, habits and beliefs, and passionate commitment, I am here for you.

- When you allow yourself to choose a professional coach, which gives you instant results, rather than therapy, I am here for you.

Sessions usually take 45-60 mins and are weekly or bi-monthly.  Sessions are done consistently, for highest results.  The biggest changes require the biggest commitment and learning how to change the patterns of 'giving up' which is no longer an option in our lives.  

When you are making that kind of commitment to yourself and your life, you will seek appropriate guidance, I am here for you.

Sessions happen in the moment we meet.  Whatever is happening, as a priority in your life, that will lead us to the perceptive shift that is needed and much more clears up than if we come together with intentions from a list or the mind's ideas.  Immediately we use divine intelligence and my skills and experience.  

Sessions shift habits, so they are set up to be an example of that shift.  You will have a divine transmission for the entire session plus Spectraline Clearing of your fields that have old thought forms clogging your new opportunities.  These happen automatically with Divine Faith.

Trusted by 13,000 people in over 20 years of one-one experience.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher with more than 100 students and master teachers.  

Advanced Oneness Trainer with more than 200 initiates worldwide. 

Certified by Coaches Training Institute in San Francisco, CA

I have studied the Course in Miracles, over 10 years, Melchizedek Priestess, ordained in 1996. 

Co-Created Crystalline Clearings with divine Guides, 2009.  Upgraded through the years and recently to Spectraline Clearings 2017.

"When you leave your session you feel renewed, lighter and grounded.  I see it in you, in your eyes".

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