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Teleconference Calls on Oneness/Deeksha Blessings


Experience the Consciousness-Expanding energy of DEEKSHA/ONENESS BLESSING for Peace of Mind and hear experiences recently from India! 

The power of this frequency is increasing every day now from India!  Even in a teleconference call you will feel it and divine will then work with you to awaken! 

Deeksha facilitates neurobiological shifts in the brain through the transmission of energy...among other things. It activates the brain’s frontal lobes (intuition and vision) and quiets our (chronically overactive mind center) parietal lobes. The brain becomes attuned to fields of Unity, relieving us of the distress of apparent separation.  Some may be enlightened immediately, some make take a few times.  At the very least you will feel a deep sense of peace and connection to the divine presence within you.
Deeksha golden light comes to us at this time through twin avatars of enlightenment Sri Amma Bhagavan of India, whose purpose is to ‘awaken humanity’.  Shazna received a special shakti transmission from Sri Bhagavan while in India and has been gifted with a deep awakening empowerment and healing energy.

The Living Being Oneness Temple in Andra Pradesh, (Golden City) India

 Deeksha Transmission Evening Conference Call 

With Shazna Jai, Certified Oneness Trainer, sharing experiences and teachings from India - These calls will prepare you for the upcoming courses in your area.
"What I appreciate the most, beyond a doubt, is the deeper connection with Jesus I formed as a result of your guided meditation in one of the teleconferences."   JA, VI


Shazna Sharing about India processes and experiences at the Temple 4/25/12


Shazna Jai and Amari Gold, Weds April 11, 2012


 Nov 30, 2011 - More on Charges and Deeksha


Nov 16, Diffusing Charges and Deeksha


 Nov 9, Devotion and Deeksha


 Nov 2, Crystalline Clearings and Deeksha


Oct 26th. Energy of Oct 28th and Deeksha 


Oct 19th, Future Self Meditation and Deeksha

Oct 12th, on Wealth Consciousness and Deeksha
Oct 5th, You in Relationships 2 and Deeksha

Sept 28th, You in Relationships and Deeksha


Sept 22nd, Intro into Telecom Calls, What is Deeksha?


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Shazna Jai, initiate of Sri Amma/Bhagavan in 2006 and Oneness Trainer since May, 2010, has been living in a state of Oneness since her fall off a cliff in 1997.  Her book about this, called 50 Feet In 4 Seconds: TheTrue Story about a leap into Consciousness and Ultimate Health can be viewed at For 14 years she has been empowering people to self-heal & remind people of their Oneness.  

Shazna Jai
Creator of Crystalline Clearings, Certified Oneness Trainer, Author, Reiki Master Teacher, Melchizedek Priestess