Sacred  Integration  for a 
New Mass Consciousness

Shazna Jai

The Sacred Awakening

Oneness Events in Vista, CA

Heart Explorers

Every Weds Eve 7:15p-9:15p

Vista, CA

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If you are single, Do you date like you did when you first started dating?

If you are coupled, Do you 'court' your mate like you did when you first got together?

     In between these two statements there is a 'gap' and it's huge. When we first knew we would choose a mate we had an idea. That idea took us on a road that led us to learn what we truly wanted in a relationship. Sometimes we won, sometimes we lost.

     When we begin exploring what our TRUE NEEDS are in our own body, we then learn to communicate those needs to our possible partners. Again, sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. And, since we are not who we were when we first got together or started dating, we are still learning.

      This gathering will keep exploring that 'gap' - that place where we live in our body and where we learn to live compatibly with another. It is possible. And, it is possible to learn some skills, tips and techniques that will make it much easier because the road has been paved a bit with experience.

    Join us and be one of the leaders of the 'new mass consciousness'. 

These gatherings will be playful and profound. 
$20 at the door, couples $30

Thanks for your RSVP, Pls call 541-210-2892 if you need to change your plans.