Sacred  Integration  for a 
New Mass Consciousness

Shazna Jai

The Sacred Awakening

                             Oneness: One Heart Mission

Our mission is to have victory for humanity and the earth through the education and practices of sustainability, peace, consciousness and sacred living.

Our passion, focus and intent right now is the Integration of Awakening into Oneness.  This has proved successful with over 12,000 people living in a sustainable state of Oneness.  



From Oneness University:  All cultures and traditions throughout recorded history speak of a process of awakening, enlightenment, or union with the Divine—a return to the “natural state” of the human being—where the heart is open, where there is an immense feeling of connection with others and the natural world, and where we are able to perceive reality as it is, without the conditioned filters and unceasing interpretations of the ancient mind.

What we have seen, not unlike many ancient cultures and civilizations, is that there exists a dormant spiritual energy within the human being which, when activated, catalyzes the awakening process. In the Indian tradition, this energy is known as the kundalini. The kundalini is seen to travel through various energy centers within the subtle body of each human being. While referred to by a variety of names cross-culturally, these focused centers of energy are referred to in India as the chakras or the chakra system.

This process of awakening the human being to its natural state involves the activation of this kundalini-- this spiritual energy-- as well as a balancing of the various energy centers in the subtle body. When the kundalini is activated and the chakras are balanced, we return to a very ordinary, simple, yet extremely profound relationship with life. Our senses are open and functioning clearly, our heart is open and we feel so connected with others, and we find ourselves in a natural and beautiful relationship with what we might call the Divine, God, or with the higher Self or intelligence of the Universe. We have a deep and profound sense of trust in life, we are comfortable with ourselves and others, and are finally living as opposed to merely existing.

As a result of this beautiful condition, we naturally and effortlessly affect those around us—helping them to flower in their lives according to their own unique expression.

In this section you will learn about the various ancient tools that we utilize in our courses and programs to help a person grow, heal, and awaken into higher states of consciousness.

From a Blessing Giver: "There are 3 Blessing Givers in our family of 5. I am sure if people
witnessed a "typical" day in our home they would be led to believe we are a bit
wonky! Spontaneous laughter erupts frequently throughout any given day, the 3
of us will enjoy uncontrollable laughter spurred only by a very innocent
"Periodically after a Blessing night, as we all sit enjoying silence upon he completion of the evening, someone will break into laughter. Soon most of the group is in tears laughing or on the floor! How Blessed we all are"