Shazna Jai

The Sacred Awakening

This is a time for

Returning to Perfection
Arogye Deeksha for Health

This ritual is being offered on the morning of  (next date to be announced soon.  If you'd like to schedule this special puja in your area, contact me). It is for physical, emotional and karmic healing called Paduka Deeksha.  This puja deals with adjusting one’s karmas and has a very powerful affect on the physical body.

Your relationship with your Divine is key. With this in mind it is best to make an intention and agreement with your Divine that when you are healed you would help out Divine by helping humanity in some form. The agreement must be honored. It should not be broken because it deals with karma.

To participate:

Take an intention asking Divine to heal you (specifically), providing the details of what needs to be healed and the outcome you are desiring. Next make an agreement with Divine that if/when you are healed you will commit to helping others in a specific way.

When you have your intention clearly stated, and your firm agreement with your Divine, send both to us along with a picture of yourself. We will put it on our altar and speak your name and your two intentions. If you prefer to keep it private just mark “Private” on your email and we will honor that.  Send your email here

If you would like to join us long-distance, the energies will be enhanced by your sitting in silence at the day and time specified.  When you join us, prepare your altar with Padukas and/or Sri Murthi.  Use a clean white cloth and decorate it with light lamps or candles or incense. Use these when you feel called.  Prepare a space to take Deeksha from the Padukas, and offer flowers to the Padukas. Maintain silence throughout the puja and Arogye Deeksha. Provide good drinking water for your altar. If you do not have all of the items listed, please do your best. 

For some health problems participants may have to go through the process several times. If you are a Blessing Giver and the healing you have asked for has not happened you may want to do the Arogye Deeksha ritual on your own as many times as necessary to receive the healing you are asking for. We will send you the entire process for you to do it for yourself if you’d like, and we will keep you in our prayers.

If you choose to join us we will send detailed instructions to follow along with us during the time of the puja, whatever your choice, send your intentions and register.

A donation is requested on a sliding scale, $25 - $108.  Go to this link to register.  Then send us your intentions to this email.

Amari Gold and Shazna Jai are Oneness Trainers and have been offering these pujas for over six years. Many people have said the energy is remarkable and they feel the effects in their body and life changes happen without much effort.  This is your time of returning to perfection.