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We are now in the throes of big transitions! 

Are you feeling the changes?  

Are you feeling the internal strength needed to get through these times?

Your secret desire is churning within.  Something very important is happening and you need to follow it.  You may feel a strong sense that something is missing in your life and you have to make a change to fulfill that deep desire.  

 . . . maybe your relationships are crushing your spirit . . . 

(The above picture is an alchemical view of the brain lighting up)

When you want to change, it seems the most valuable thing you can do is learn more about the change you seek.  Whether you are in a high level corporate field, or an entrepreneur, or a householder, or a college student, or a seasoned career person - when you get to that deep desire to change directions and 'do something different', it's scary, but you know that fear won't stop you.

 . . . maybe that ache for passion has just started to spark within . . . 

In order to do something you have never done before you start searching, looking for someone who has been there and can guide you to thinking different so that you can do that 'something different' .  You know instinctively that you will have to change and you want to make it easy, but how?  

 . . . maybe that broken-ness you feel is ready to be revived . . . 

This is where mentoring is so key to changes, a transition of the internal reality actualized uniquely as you. This transition requires your belief systems and internal perceptions to change, to move into the present moment and to honor all that is past/future and give rise to what is most present NOW.


Your hearts expansion is so important to the whole, the collective.  The warrior within you is rising up and making itself known.  It won't go away - until you answer the call.  

It's time to shine the light on anything in your way - you know this, don't you? 

The Spiritual Mentoring Program will guide you along the way using your own intentions (only what you feel is right for you and your path). No matter what path you are choosing, you will receive gentle guidance to make a leap to a higher level of action in our world today and what is SO needed  . . . conscious action.  

The Structure of Sessions

Choose weekly meetings of 3, 6 or 12 months with a VIP Retreat time designed just for you at intervals for your next leap.

You will:

  -- Learn to make your research in your field quicker and easier 

  -- Ground ancient teachings and live in Oneness

  -- Receive liberation from your old egoic holds

  -- Raise your own happiness levels, by your own design

  -- Naturally use your own internal drive to keep reaching and attracting your desires

  -- Develop your personal plan for success

  -- Break programs that have been plaguing you for years

Shazna Jai has coached over 13,000 people internationally through massive transitions for over 30 years.  Her style is alchemical, loving, compassionate and extremely healing/clearing and some say even enlightening. She reports several people 'waking up' in front of her.  

She healed herself of over 22 broken bones after she fell off a 50 foot cliff, in just 4 weeks AND was Awakened!  She has heard every possible human condition from childhood wounds, karmic maladies to and including the challenges of integration of Awakening. The energies transmitted to your energy fields during a session are divine grace, Deeksha, Crystalline Clearings and Reiki.   Read the testimonials page.  

Since you are looking for someone who knows you have your own answers and can guide you through the myriad of choices stabilizing and upleveling your desires provides, like - sharing your gifts on purpose with others, moving your frequency to the next level, knowing that your inner-knowing is correct and connected to your divine, and stand firm and bold in that, as well as any other problem seeking a solution, contact Shazna now

What people have recently said about Shazna Jai:

"I believe that Shazna strikes a perfect balance, rarely found in a healer, wherein she simultaneously gives me space to have my own inner experience, while providing structure and prompting that supports committed focus, deepening, and ultimately, RESULTS" 

"I got changes that weren't in my intentions, namely freedom from grief and my new life purpose.  Wow, all that and my intentions too.  You give way more value than you charge.  Thank you."

"Oh my god, you have saved my life ... again" 

 . . . i would have never seen this without your help, now I get it?

 . . . when I leave here I am going to make the changes we talked about, I feel so alive?

. . . Wow, I feel so calm yet energized to get moving on things I have needed to do in my life?

. . . I now live my life on purpose?

. . . I now feel calm, relaxed and know how to 'be' in my life in a way that works to fulfill my desires? 

All with Massive Amounts of LOVE and COMPASSION

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Together we make an Extraordinary Team 


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