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January, 2012


It's All About our deepest desire - to Love


 Happy New Year to YOUI 

Well, I didn't expect my rest to be so long.  Divine guided me into a deep reservoir of rest, grace and new realizations about how I have been working.  I have discovered many old patterns that were driven by my ego.  These patterns became habits, then turned to behaviors which supported me until now.  Now, divine is showing me how to have more in divine alignment by not working by the same rules that have governed me all these years.

Revelations pour in and my habits are changing, daily.  As realizations come, change comes, led by grace.  

Emerging in the New Year I have just returned from St Thomas, Virgin Islands where I was asked to come and initiate 14 deeksha givers and leave them to 'lighten up' the islands.  They have a huge vision and I'm grateful to assist.  They have asked me to return in May to initiate the other 10+ who are on a waiting list now.

Offering myself of service is divine alignment for me.  The deeper I go, the deeper I can go.  Whenever I've gone to India, I've had major shifts in serving, serving more people.

INDIA:  There is a 4 week deepening which I have been guided to attend at Oneness University.  Our guide as well as the deeksha community I am serving all encourage me to attend all four weeks to possibily become one of the privileged who meditate on the top floor of the temple in India for global awakening.  If I am honored to have this happen after the four weeks, it would be a dream come true, my life's passionate path fulfilled.  It is said that each one of us that 'makes it' serves 100,000 people.  You are one of the 100,000!

Will you help me get to India?

One of the egoic structures that left me during my rest is the old pattern of 'doing it all myself'.  I have learned that people want what I am offering.  I have also learned it takes a village to perform the tasks that divine guides.  I am privileged to be one of the people that has devoted my life to the mission of global awakening for over 15 years now, and it's coming!

My community has sent me to India two times in the past and I need your help to get me there this March.  Whatever you can offer, I am deeply grateful to receive.  

Click this link to my donation page for your offering and please add 'India' to the notes.  

NOTE: I have changed the look of my website.  I would love your feedback.  Please take a quick lookie to check it out and send me a 'contact' with your thoughts.

 Crystalline Clearings Update 

During my rest I realized that the power of the Crystalline Clearings had gone up a notch.  This is what came to me recently after hearing the results of my current clients.

New Millenium Magic Wand

The Magic Wand has arrived.  "If I could only wave a magic wand for you, I would", is what I have said to clients for years.  Now, it's happened.  If you are tired of working on yourself and your spiritual growth has plateaued it’s time to stop, let go, relax and allow the magic wand of the new millenium to work for you.  

Your divine and the Crystalline Grid are ready for you. Isn't it time to say YES and allow yourself to receive all the good that is coming to you in buckets of blessings? Stop, sit back and relax - it's all coming to you!  And NOW you will SAVE $200!

Be Crystalline Cleared while I'm in India - OMG just imagine the power! 

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Deep Love and Peace to You


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P.S.S. Happy Healthy Prosperous Graceful Delicious Divine and Blessed New Year to you and yours