Shazna Jai

The Sacred Awakening

Young Living Essential Oils 

Every person has the right to live in nature's grace and aliveness.  Nature's medicine has healing power that connects to your natural spirit and healing begins then continues. 

Essentials oils are from nature.  

Typically Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to diffuse or apply and enjoy the fragrance of an essential oil.  Shazna recommends using essential oils for direct healing.  Feel free to use these oils for diffusing or bathing or spraying an area to cleanse and freshen as well.  

Contact her for many other uses.

Young Living Essential Oils are medicinal grade and mostly organic essential oils. 

Many are grown by Gary Young himself on his farms in St. Marys, Idaho, France and Equador where there is an Academy.  He also created and designed the most effective way to distill these oils to receive the highest quality constituents available.  I highly recommend them to create a sustainable healthy body for your personal growth. 

Sri Bhagavan says to grow spiritually you must have a strong mind and body.

"I had just become a Young Living Essential Oil distributor a month before I was in the hospital after falling off a 50 foot cliff.  I had already experienced a healing crisis in my stomach just using lemon oil on my belly every night during that previous month.  I started to feel so very fresh and clear after the stomach aches had subsided.  I knew these oils would be my healing support.  Then when I was in the hospital in ICU, Vonn Harting called me and told me she had talked to Gary Young asking him which oils to help me heal these broken bones.  He told her Helichrysum and Lavender.  I used them abundantly all over my body, every day and my body healed completely (without lingering pain or weaknesses) in just 4 weeks!  I'm still dancing perfectly after 15 yrs.  I believe in nature and God.  Since God was healing my body, the oils were brought to me through God's messengers.  I will always treasure these oils as my medicine."

If you want immediate info on kits, ingredients, to browse, shop and have your essential oils delivered right to your door, please go to this website.


If you are interested in learning about ways to use the essential oils you can search on an essential oil itself, example: search on 'Lavender' to see all it's uses and what experiences others have with using Lavender.  Lavender heals burns!

Or, if you want to learn how to use the essential oils for a specific illness or disease or condition, example: searching on 'chronic headaches' will bring up what essential oils others have used for their chronic headaches.  Peppermint is a great pain reliever!

In either case, go to this website, create a free account and you can put in either the condition or the essential oil to learn more about how people have used these essential oils to create total health for themselves.