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Deeksha Laughter

Within the shadow contains the light

This project was given to Shazna by divine to heal people, help them in time of need or darkness and generally help to uplift and regain the joy that lives within our hearts all the time, no matter what is going on in your life.

Click this link to listen and share this page with your friends, below.  Right click to save it and use it anytime you need a mood lift.  It's a free gift to humanity.

audio version 

video version - 6.5 mins

There are 11 deeksha givers in this recording all with their kundalini raising which causes laughter, giggles and bubbles of joy in the body.

Thank you Patti Browning, Mark Dobkin, MaryAnn Swanson, Shoshannah Born, Lauren Taylor, Cheryl Haddock, Susie Gabumpa, RuthAnne Holbert, Steve Sweeney for their participation and John Kumara who recorded at his studio. 

Deeksha (means Divine Benediction) and Oneness Blessing are synonymous.

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