Shazna Jai

The Sacred Awakening

                    Crystalline Clearing Gatherings  - in person

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This gathering has moved to a private residence in Vista, Ca

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What happens at an evening of Crystalline Clearings is we bring up the ‘sub-culture’ that only YOU live with while doing your work, or, offering your service.  

Thoughts and feelings like:

---When will my work be seen for it's true value?

---How can I create that big WIN?

---What do I do when I feel stale inside?

---How can I write this to get my passion across?

---Why is there never enough money at the end of the month?

---I don’t know how to tweak this so it’s fresh?

These are some examples and you have your version.  What are the thoughts you have, personally as you go about your day?

Your attendance is so important because it will help to bring up and clear for many others in the matrix of artists, writers and creatives.

These thoughts are deep feelings connected to the outcome of what you are creating in every moment.

Mostly we are not aware of these thoughts – they just roll around and around – then we wonder why we keep getting the same results.

Once exposed and Crystalline Cleared, these thoughts, that hang out in the mental and heart fields, open to the gateway of your soul’s creation, giving you your desires, rather than your pain. 

These and many, many other strategies are happening while you are working and causing you stress.  Once we expose 'what is there' the Crystalline Clearings will eliminate the debris and other associated patterns, beliefs and thoughts out of your fields and have your work environment become healthier and happier.

Tibetan Bowl healing sounds will accompany the meditation time to further deepen the experience.

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Here is what others have said about this evening: 

"I'm having a lasting effect on my work from the evening"

"I felt like some armor released out of my head"  - "What a relief"

"I loved sharing wisdom with you" 

"Her warmth, humor and compassion lightened my mental obstacles

and are helping to free me to expansion." 

"Well my inner vision is getting clearer and clearer!"

“Shazna cleared the way for me to see the truth in my heart"

“Every time I see you cool stuff happens in my life”

“I feel freed of so much old weight & heaviness”

“I feel light, relaxed and peaceful yet motivated”

“You hit the nail on the head, found my core belief and opened my thinking to see my work differently” 

Realize the many stresses we, as Marketers have, of ‘feeling valued for all we do’.   

Suggested $15.  To reserve your seat go to this link