Sacred  Integration  for a 
New Mass Consciousness

Shazna Jai

The Sacred Awakening

                         Crystalline Clearings

In the fall of 2009, a deep and profound conversation was told to me by the multi-dimensional Crystalline Grid of which I had been accessing and grounding to earth (along with five others from all over the world) since 2004.  This Crystalline Grid is filled with filaments of light, translucent color and sound that resonate to the Golden Age - to serve the emergence of awakening humanity.

How this matrix is working FOR us is clearing and cleaning out the debris that our unconscious mind has built up since we were born, through conditioning, imprints, and our experiences, in fact, since the ancient mind of man, many thousands of years ago.  As the golden age prepares us to emerge in and through our awakening, our old conditioning that is lodged in the unconscious comes to awareness (the conscious mind) then blows out into the Crystalline fields where it dissipates into light, color and sound.

As humans we are then freed to grow without hindrances of the past, to our unique expression of self.  Marrying the spirit along with the personality, grounded in light and our divine connection, we now blossom farther than we could have ever expected in our wildest dreams, allowing the discovery to bring such joy, happiness and love.  We feel as though we are divinely aligned in all our actions, deeds and words.

Since the unconscious mind is 4 million times stronger than the conscious mind, we now have some relief from constant processing the mind and physical healing crisis. We now grow without limitations created by the limited mind.

The Crystalline Clearing uses your personal intentions and clears all frequencies that are not in alignment with those intentions into the fields of possibility - so you are unlimited!

 If you have been wondering any of this . . .


  • I need some help moving this old stuff
  • I am so exhausted
  • I am sick of all this stress
  • My life is the same, same, same 
  • I am bored and depressed 
  • I can't stop griping and complaining
  • I just want to end it all! 


then you are ripe for the Crystalline Clearings  



 No Matter where you are - Everyday you will be cleared 


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