Shazna Jai

The Sacred Awakening

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            Become a Coach Infused with Oneness

 Are you ready for your next UPLEVEL?

If you answer 'yes' to any of the following questions, you might be ready for this . . . 

   - Are you curious about how to live consistently in Oneness?

   - Are you ready to contribute and serve others?

   - Are you ready to grow beyond your wildest dreams?

TO QUALIFY YOU MUST TALK DIRECTLY TO SHAZNA, 541-210-2892 pacific time.  


Are you feeling goose bumpy?

If you are someone who actively chooses to pursue assisting the awakening of humanity

        - and has seen the difference it has made for yourself 

               -  and are ready to offer and receive the magic that your life really is 

                       - feel ready to integrate further your awakened state to the next level

Then you may be ready to be a Coach infused with Oneness 

Call or write Shazna now to get your spot before it's filled up, 541-210-2892.  Do you know someone that this program is perfect for?  Share on Facebook

"I recently received Oneness Coaching from Shazna Jai . During this time I released grief after the death of my beloved, learned truths that offered comfort that no matter what that God /Grace is always present and holding me and I learned to perceive this life with a new set of eyes. The final session provided me with a mission statement for my life purpose, something that has eluded me and have been in pursuit of for a lifetime! Now it is your turn! I highly recommend this teacher and coach for inviting profound change in your life!" L.J. Wisconsin


Are you feeling called?

Being able to:  

  • Hold sacred space for someone is a gift, not everyone has this
  • Listen with your heart is a gift, not everyone has this either
  • Know true courage and commitment is a gift, not everyone wants this

There are so many qualities of being a Coach that are truly extraordinary, but that stirring inside, that aching to help others achieve their personal goals, might be calling you 

  1. Be it improving their relationships to be more loving
  2. Or developing their sense of confidence to achieve their career aspirations
  3. And becoming divinely connected as a loving presence towards themselves and others 

This is what it's about - living with JOY in every task we perform each moment of each day, and 

     - Feeling safe as you move into uncharted territory

-  Being in the moment

-  Seeing others as yourself

-  Beaming your light without effort

-  Acting on divine guidance in each moment

Call or write Shazna now to answer all your questions and design your program, 541-210-2892  

If you are getting excited, you are ready!

"If your heart is pounding, or feeling full after reading thus far, you are a chosen ONE.  I know because this is what happened for me.  This feeling frightened me to the core, but that was exactly the core that wanted fulfillment.  So, I said a hearty YES to the call 18 years ago and never looked back.  I have more than 30 years experience as a Coach and specifically the last 18 years integrating Oneness awakening after falling off a 50 foot cliff and receiving this gift for humanity's awakening.  To see my book, click here."

In these last 18 years Shazna has developed many skills and secrets that she is now guided by divine to share with YOU - if you have the courage to serve in this way. This course is not easy, but it is profound and simple.  It will take a commitment you have never been able to muster up before, and, just by participating you will see your own commitment and courage grow without effort.  And, you will grow fast!

This six month program is now done in two-month increments (3 times that each build on your level of growth), saving you money and fitting into your daily schedule. Call or write Shanza to co-create this opportunity for expansion with personal training according to your needs and you next step of growth in a safe and nurturing way!   Call direct in pacific time 541-210-2892 or Skype: sheryljai.

Set up a discovery call to discuss the possibilities for you! Email Shazna Now

 Please note: Although Shazna is a Oneness Trainer certified by the Oneness University in India, her Coaching infused with Oneness program is not a course created by Oneness University.  The course she is offering includes Oneness Principles that she learned from several spiritual masters throughout her life.  Oneness asserts that each of us is made manifest from and as a single source in a collective expression of life.