Shazna Jai

The Sacred Awakening


                  Crystalline Clearings Bonuses 

I can hardly sleep at night because of the energy, grace and excitement of how this has worked for me and countless others.  In the past 5 years since the Crystalline Clearings came to me my life has changed and sped up into more grace and OWNING who we are!

What happens is the light of divine gets activated in the cells of us from the Crystalline Grid.  All the messages from the past are lit up so when they follow the nuero pathways to the rest of the body, there is a new clarity.  The old messages are cleared and new divine messages are available.


- YOU DESIGN YOUR LIFE DIFFERENT (with your own Heart first)

- YOU MAKE DIFFERENT CHOICES! (no more feeling selfish, your needs are important)

You will now OWN WHO YOU ARE within seconds of your intentions when you are cleared.  

HOW IT WORKS: When you sign up for this program and pay for a month at a time and you are Crystalline Cleared EVERYDAY, no matter where you live, even if you are traveling, you are cleared everyday! 

The results are fast.  Clients are already remarking on the many ways they are changing FOR THEMSELVES, and quickly putting their divine thoughts into place.  See testimonials.


  • Everyday (30 days) Crystalline Clearing energy sent to you based on your intentions. You will sign up again each month.  Value:  $599
  • A 20-30 minute personal clarity coaching and/or email sessions weekly directly with Shazna to continue to move through any residual past patterning into spiritual grace.  Value $150

TOTAL VALUE:  $749    You will save $300/month on your daily Crystalline Clearings when you sign up now! Your rates stays the same as long as you continue the program.