Shazna Jai

The Sacred Awakening

I am a Leader of the New Mass Consciousness (in Hiding)


Come on out.

Check your intuition to see if this feels like you?

I know who I am, (but, the power is scary or overwhelming)

I am ready to take the biggest leap I have ever taken in my life, (but, I don't know where to start)

I am brave and ready, (easy to say, hard to do)

I am committed to myself, my family, my path and my whole life, (well, I'm getting there)

I will do what it takes to clearly be aware and release all my resistances, (Ideally)

I am an emerging leader in a world where everyone wins, (Yes, Yes, Yes, I really desire this)

This is my promise to myself and my world, (and, I won't leave without accomplishing it)

See me, help me, I am ready, I am going to click the button at the bottom of this page!

NOTE: This program is not for everyone. You are committing to a year long program for leaders!  Emerging and stale Leaders who are committed to spreading their message to the upleveling collective.  You must qualify for this program by talking directly to Shazna, Contact her here.

Normally $2500/8sessions. Paid 8 sessions at a time, billed 6 times per year.  For you, brave one, click below to start.

Save 10% by paying for the entire year.  Contact Shazna direct for this option.

Sessions may be done weekly or bi-monthly on phone, skype, zoom or in person, all free calls.

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