Shazna Jai

The Sacred Awakening


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You Are NOT Alone

The divine power that is in charge of this program keeps evolving.  It's waking up after a 4 year hiatus. This 30 day program has transformed yet again to include . . . are you ready for this?. . . the SPECTRAL Rainbow light of the Universe that flows through me and clears your matrix fields that influence your daily choices.  

When your fields are cleared your brain gets the message and your intuitive senses make higher choices that more fit with who you are right now.

Spectraline Clearings is an energetic   clearing done EveryDay, long-distance, anywhere you are (even while traveling) based on your intentions, needs, desires, dreams, goals, and more for 30 days. It's a divine hug.

The results are fast. Clients are surprised to experience many instant changes.  See recent testimonials here

If you are tired of working on yourself and/or your spiritual growth has plateaued, or, are ready for the next level you can feel coming - it’s time to start to let go, relax and allow the Spectraline Clearing Grid to do the work for you!

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Optional Coaching to Enhance this Program Available

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