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We are grateful so many people are enjoying life changes with our services.  Please feel free to post your own testimonial.

Quotes "I heard about Shazna's Crystalline Clearing for quite a while now but was puzzled how it could work. I was suddenly inspired (by Spirit's whisper) a month ago and took the leap of faith to try it. I paid attention regularly every week to "see" if there's any difference in my daily life. After the subtle changes and signs in the first week, amazingly enough, every subsequent week has been a big breakthrough. Not only the changes within myself were noticeable, those around me were remarkable! Breakthroughs and new awakening came fluidly, without forcing issues or meeting up with challenges in difficult ways---my spiritual family of kindred souls are co-manifesting Oneness of love in astounding leaps. I am humbled once again by the committed assistance and power of the "Unseen", of this beautiful "gift" that was bestowed upon Shazna to help humanity with the acceleration of clearing, healing in this awe-inspiring evolution of consciousness." Quotes
Jacqueline Sa
Committed Assistance

Quotes Life is good. Money issues are resolving. I was able to make an important big payment on time, which is a huge relief. Money is showing up in unexpected ways! As I trust Divine and this process, so much my stress about finances is dissipating. I recently visited my parents and the best part of the trip was my ability to speak the truth. Of all of the changes I have noticed since starting the clearings, that is the most notable with all people in my life. It is incredibly empowering! Thank you for your continued healing gifts. Quotes
Money Challenges Relieved

Quotes This week I had some interpersonal communication challenges, that I handled differently than perhaps I would of in the past~ I chose a calm adult way to mediate an uncomfortable situation, instead of running or avoiding as done in the past. Quotes

Quotes Thank you for the guidance. This work is truly amazing!!! Lots of Love Quotes

Quotes I do realize that when I ask for something I had better be prepared to receive it. You know I asked for companionship just two days ago. Last night I received a text from the man of my dreams. Wanted to get together and I panicked. This morning I realized that I have not addressed my self-worth issues. I could not respond because I felt that I would not be good enough if we got together. I went on a bit of a tear and was not very nice to myself. Feeling better and received a clear message. Thank you Crystalline Clearings Quotes

Quotes Thank you for shining your beautiful light on my life. I very much feel the shift that is happening. I do not judge myself as much or worry as much of what other people think. Approaching my healing work in a more confident level. I know I have a ways to go but I am on my new awakening path. When my thoughts or feelings creep in a negative way I am quicker to shut the mind off from it. It is like being on a ride,some days are living my new life and other days I feel old patterns slip in. Quotes
So many Shifts

Quotes These amazing Crystalline Clearings have helped change my life so much. I have returned to deep sleep leaving worry behind. Had returned to my all of my investment monies that were stolen. Had two promotions, raises and moved over seas to a better position in my company. Realized healthier relationships with my father and friends who used to depend upon me too much. I am so happy now that I'm free of these nagging problems, I realize I am now living my dreams. Thank you, Shazna. Quotes
Long Term Changes
Vision Realized

Quotes Last week I had a car accident. I am fine and I am less stressed about my car situation than I would have been in the past. :) I have also been less inhibited to ask for help and rides from friends, neighbors and co-workers. :)) These clearings are amazing! Quotes
Unintented Clearing
Car Situation

Quotes We also feel blessed to now have you in our lives (sister) The gift of yourself is a true delight!! You radiate divine! I am very excited to be closer to this dream of oneness with my divine. I have always envisioned that one day I would be in the highest light! I know see it as being very near. Things are moving along nicely,as you know, we have secured a policy to insure the construction of the park. A big intention that could've been a block to progress on our project - just cleared. The issue with public works has been resolved after I made a 45 minute call to the chief engineer on Weds. (DONE) 3 properties I wanted to sell are now in escrow! Wow, things move fast with these Clearings. Quotes
Virgin Islands Crystalline Clearing

Quotes I was desperate to start changing some of my relationships that didn't feel good any longer but afraid to hurt people. Just a few days after I started with the Clearings the most significant relationship changed, on it's own and I no longer have to deal with it. Also, i sold some of my artwork that was pending but holding for some reason, now I have cash in my pocket and more orders coming. I'm so happy that I found the Crystalline Clearings. Thanks Shazna Quotes
Crystalline Clearing Client
Aggravation Gone

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  • "Shazna is a multidimensional and gifted facilitator. She is very supportive, encouraging and instrumental in assisting me with moving forward. Her warmth, humor and compas..."
    Tantra Teacher and Dance Facilitator
  • "What I notice in working with Shazna is that releases are happening much faster than before, and there is a greater sense of completion with those patterns. When my heart was hu..."
    Clear old Hurts Wounds

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