Shazna Jai

The Sacred Awakening


Quotes I am ever grateful for your teaching and guidance. The sessions we did last year were absolutely crucial to what I'm manifesting now, and the value of the time we spent together keeps growing as I see just what a shift has occurred, and what a difference of night and day there is between where I was in July 2009, and where I am now. The tour has been so successful that I'm about to take Grace to Europe for a month. Quotes
Dan Furst
Book Tour Success

Quotes I have had several miracles, money wise. My husband got some unexpected work and I have some work I did not expect. AND, my mom is HAPPY about going into an assisted living place...that provides everything for only $965/mo...amazing!! (This after considering a multi thousand dollar a month facility that seemed the best and dealing with mom's resistance). Thanks so has been simply wonderful!!! Can't wait to have more! Quotes
Results after Comp Session (within one week)

Quotes I am indescribably grateful for the work and partnership with you in the last few months. I have felt your support and love in some of my darkest hours and I have felt you helping to move and clear the energy when needed. Your clarity and depth has been profoundly validating and you often helped me create an opening where I had not seen one before. You are awesome! I pray that you continue to help many many others so they too can open open open to their truth and power. Quotes

Quotes "I've been overweight all my adult life and sick of it. All of a sudden, food is much more inspiring to me as nourishment rather than entertainment. I feel thinner, act thinner and have more enthusiasm for exercise." Quotes
Crystalline Clearing Customer

Quotes "I've struggled with my business for so long, now my work goals are getting so much Clearer and I'm creating a plan to go along with those goals." Quotes
Crystalline Clearing Customer

Quotes "I can feel the transformation ready to happen. I am vibrating with gratitude this morning." Quotes
Crystalline Clearing Customer

Quotes "Wow, your clearings work so fast . . . I can really feel when they are happening" Quotes
Crystalline Clearing Customer

Quotes "Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Since you have been clearing me; about 2 weeks or so, I am sailing on cloud 9. Not only has magic been all around me, but I am happy! The latest is a big one. Love has finally found me. I am experiencing the greatest Joy from this love vibration. I have never felt anything like this. The ultimate, HIGH! I live in ecstasy and bliss. Thank you for coming into my life space. You have made a profound difference. I didn?t realize how good life could be until you cleared me." Quotes
Crystalline Clearing Customer:
Love, Joy, Ecstasy and Bliss!

Quotes "My time management & prioritizing during the day has improved so much...I feel much less stressed & rushing around...despite having the same amount of time!" Quotes
Crystalline Clearing Customer:
Time Management and prioritizing success!
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