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Quotes This is some of the best work I've done! Quotes
Crystalline Clearings

Quotes I have experienced 2 wonderful calls with Shazna & Amari - felt such connectedness, layers transforming, old unconscious stuff arising & clearing, & continued movement forward after the calls... all through experiencing the Crystalline Clearings & Sound Encodement. As you know, sound healing works really well, by-passing the intellect. Sound Encodements go beyond what I have experienced up until now. Crystalline Clearings are done silently by Shazna, also have a tremendously positive effect. Both are (Awakened) Oneness Trainers as well. The combination is beautiful, powerfully healing & just require our presence & openness. Relax, receive & transform... I highly recommend this, & if I were there, Mahalo Nui Loa! With Deepest Gratitude & Heartfelt Aloha; Lusana <3 Quotes
Crystalline Clearings and Sound Encodement

Quotes Hi Shazna, Well.....I wish I had mentioned the bullying on the call...that has still been up. Wakes me up every night. I had a huge painful lump of energy back-left heart, and it is finally gone today! Thank you again. Linda Quotes
SoundCode & Crystalline Clearing Concert - YAY

Quotes I usually only remember a dream maybe once a year. But that night I dreamed and dreamed, and could remember most of it the next morning. It was full of metaphors, symbols, and a lot of letting go. Purging. Renewing. I feel refreshed and newer. Thank you for that great experience. Quotes
SoundCode & Crystalline Clearing Concert - YAY

Quotes I woke this morning and realized I felt "good". I also recognized the resistance to admitting this. My mind is so much less fettered with all the unhappy thoughts I was having and strategies of how I was going to avoid them. Although at times I feel annoyed, grouchy, disappointed my minds feels unencumbered. Thursday morning I woke to an amazing dream where I was surrounded by a huge pod of Orca whales. I have never dreamt of Orcas and I was so happy to have them come in my dream. I was getting on line to see what the symbolism of Orca's is to others when I saw your email. "Orca whales have the power of song, each song different carrying the vibration unique to itself". Unfortunately and honestly I still feel some skepticism but am so grateful to be out of the suffering and getting a break. Thank you, and big love to you as well. Hugs, Jane Quotes
SoundCode & Crystalline Clearing Concert - YAY

Quotes Yes I did receive your book, I almost finished it in a day; how powerful and amazing and I do not even have words to do it justice! I am a physical therapist so have been steeped in allopathic medicine which would tell someone this is impossible, but there you are! Thank you for your bravery for writing it and putting it out there so others can learn what is possible, if we pay attention and allow. I just finished listening to the recording and am very relaxed yet energized. I look forward to interacting with you again sometime. Blessings, Love and Light, Erin Quotes
Rhonda Erin
Your Book's Energy

Quotes I'm not sure what transpired yesterday in our work together (I certainly can't explain it intellectually) but I feel a definitive shift has occurred within me.. feeling much more in a place of acceptance, presence and positivity. THANK YOU! ?I look forward to our next session next week.? Quotes
Crystalline Clearings are Potent

Quotes Thank you for the last session which felt really potent. I am opening to so much right now and I feel like you are really really helping me do this. I am getting what I want in my new location. Quotes
So Happy

Quotes I asked for alot (awakening) and I got way more than I could have ever imagined?. See longer testimonial at Quotes
Steve Barnard

Quotes Shazna is one of the only practitioners I trust and turn to when I need personal support and I have worked with many top leaders. She has a profound awareness of the entire inner landscape of a human being - the interwoven terrains of body, psyche, heart, soul, and spirit - and she dances with me seamlessly there, masterfully, gracefully, guiding me and moving WITH ME. In fact, I believe that she strikes a perfect balance, rarely found in a healer, wherein she simultaneously gives me space to have my own inner experience, while providing structure and prompting that supports committed focus, deepening, and ultimately, RESULTS. And all of this only refers to her impeccable skill; there is another invaluable aspect - subtle, mysterious - that (cont) Quotes
Christopher Campbell
The Awakening Heart School of Sacred Living