Shazna Jai

The Sacred Awakening


Quotes You are a powerful healer and to add this skill (Neurokenesis) is exemplary. I have been experiencing PTSD and have noticed with awareness the many layers that accompany PTSD. I have had some wonderful breakthroughs with your sessions and I feel so much better. You are so awesome!💖💞💗💓💜 I'm healing and have been using the tools I have learned from you. I have had some wonderful breakthroughs. The divine works in wonderful ways I could never have imagined. I am learning to trust in myself again and looking at those beliefs. Thank you💙 Quotes
Lori, Hawaii

Quotes I am so indebted to you. Our session so cleared my life with My Dad, he died knowing his only Son finally understood him and loved Him. I said goodbye and he passed Away in his sleep at 95. You Freed me from an invisible bond My sincere gratitude 🙏🏻 Quotes
Marty, Oceanside, CA
Clarity Session

Quotes One of my latest blessings is Spiritual Mentor, Shazna Jai, after sessions with Shazna I have priceless tools to help me remember my truth. Im grateful and amazed at who shows up in my life path and spiritual journey. Ive been blessed over and over for the amazing people who show up to help on my journey to awakening and self-healing. I also loved reading Shaznas book, 50 Feet in 4 Seconds, a true story of a fall she had and her miracle recovery. Its a book that left me with a powerful knowing of what we are truly capable of when we are conscious of healing and transformation. Dear Shazna, thank you for sharing your light with me and so many others you have touched. I am Grateful! Love, Cindy Quotes
Spiritual Mentoring

Quotes I finished your book and was so impressed and awed by your experience. You are truly blessed, thank you for sharing your story with the world. With a grateful heart and love, Sharon Quotes

Quotes I recently received Oneness Coaching from Shazna Jai . During this time I released grief after the death of my beloved, learned truths that offered comfort that no matter what that God /Grace is always present and holding me and I learned to perceive this life with a new set of eyes. The final session provided me with a mission statement for my life purpose, something that has eluded me and have been in pursuit of for a lifetime! Now it is your turn! I highly recommend this teacher and coach for inviting profound change in your life! Quotes
Linda J
coaching program

Quotes I am so grateful for my work with Shazna! She helped me re-align with Spirit in a deeply profound way. I felt an amazing shift in my body, mind, and -- most importantly -- my heart that I still feel today, a month later. She is a jewel and a true gift! Quotes

Quotes When I started talking to Shazna I had a selective memory, i sense i was vague in my connection to myself and spirit I sense more continuity now also more steadiness, more time on the inside of me and it's not worrisome attention like it used to be. yep...from worrisome to steadier confidence. Divine is connected to Divine, Divine is me, Divine expressing. Plays out as lots more active doing than thinking about doing. This also happens thinking i'll do this and then something else comes through. My life is more of a flow now. What comes through works better than what i was thinking - whole different feel... and a sweet surprise. Quotes
Joyce, Master of Polarity

Quotes A few sessions with Shazna have brought ease, grace and greater love (for myself) into my life. I am grateful to her for helping me get clarity about so many troubling areas of my life. I was so anxious and worried for months. She is delightful, and her work is powerful and effective. Shazna has walked with me thru the trenches of my life and each time I feel so strong, have hope and know I'm capable of handling any situation. Quotes
Kim, Writer and Educator
Worries Gone

Quotes Shazna is a multidimensional and gifted facilitator. She is very supportive, encouraging and instrumental in assisting me with moving forward. Her warmth, humor and compassion lightened my mental obstacles and are helping to free up my expansion. Thank you Shazna! Quotes
Tantra Teacher and Dance Facilitator

Quotes What I notice in working with Shazna is that releases are happening much faster than before, and there is a greater sense of completion with those patterns. When my heart was hurting from some ancient energy patterns that were manifesting with frequency, I reached out to Shazna for some coaching and clearing. Shazna has been in my life since the mid-90s and I always know that when something is not clear for me, she can assist. I had given her some information about my situation and choices via e-mail, and then we spoke on the phone. Shazna cleared the way for me to see the truth in my heart, and to release some very, very old energy patterns that no longer served me. This all happened within 37 minutes. I could feel a shifting of the energy in my body? There was a calmness and a feeling of balance that permeated me and settled in my heart. One day after the clearing process, my heart continues to feel and there is joy. Quotes
Peggy, VP Treasurer, CCA Global Partners
Clear old Hurts Wounds
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