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Build Your Gratitude Muscle

Posted by Sheryl Jai on May 20, 2014 at 4:00 PM

What if I told you that, for real, no kidding, you could have everything you ever wanted n your life, not in the time you want it, but even better than you could ever imagine?

Would you question it?

If ALL you wanted was given to you right now, would you be able to have it all now?

How much would you doubt over and over and over until, maybe, one day, you would give it to yourself?

All you would have to do, is . . . get this . . . breathe in gratitude. Yep, that is it! No magic, no studying, no learning anything new.

Just look at your own life and actually ‘see’ the good that you have already. Like, I’m so grateful that I have a boss you truly loves me more than anything else in the world, and that boss is me.I am so grateful that I have my own home that my heart is bursting open feeling the love of my home and how amazing it is to have the colors I want, the location I want, the street name I want, grant st, yes, I am receiving grants now for my foundation and I am so grateful. The feeling of grateful, for me, is in my heart. I see it, taste it, feel it open me, smell it - it’s like heaven, hear it - it says to me ‘lovey you are so beautiful and we love giving to you’ and now I’m knowing that my gratitude, my sixth sense is fully activated now and in presence. My seventh sense of open is demonstrating that with an open heart, mind and being, I receive what is completely appropriate for me, no other agenda, just gratitude.

I am learning this as I unlearn that thinking about what I am grateful for is truly a practice, but being grateful is unphamtonable. And, before the day ends, just before midnight received another paying client for tomorrow, while watching tv and feeling my heart opening to gratitude. The time is now peeps.

There is no tomorrow. The time is now to own, yes, own your senses in a timely manner, know who you are, yes, even this trite statement means so much when you slow down enough to really get it, and own your power and what is naturally happening inside you. Not only say yes to it, be grateful for what you already have, what you are wanting and the food in your refrigerator, the toilet paper on the roll when you need it, the phone to dial, the computer working, the car starting and running on empty for a week and yes, still running, the people who paved your driveway and street, the people who put on your favorite tv show, the sweet invitations at the other end of the phone, the gifts that come without asking, It’s like a super highway of love and gifts directed at you. Open and receive them, now.

See that you already know what to do.  This is what happens for me.  I truly get something and realize the difference it will make in my life to keep doing it, call it practicing. But something happens over time. It’s like, I get tired or complacent in the practice, or I get bored about having so much and begin to twart my own practice and get on that merry go round, only to return to the practice realizing it's all in my mind - i must use all my senses to truly 'see'.

My quest-i-on to God/Divine/Goddess is to show me how to maintain that frequency, that energy that will hold as a natural state of being the grace that is the flow of gratitude without having to practice or get on or off track.  The truth comes - It is truly nothing more than a choice in the moment, until it becomes natural, which I do believe with all my heart that it can become.

Until then, choose, every moment to live in grace, by realizing with your mind, words, thoughts and most important - your feelings, that you are grateful for your very existence. Not lying to yourself or needing to be positive.  Please don't hear that in what I'm saying.  I'm talking about shifting to a natural state of being - gratitude.  

Silly as it sounds, I feel time speeding up, especially after these last three eclipses (8/09), which is similar to me of the last month's energies (4/14). They were very powerful energy for me. I felt weak at times, sick, no energy, and the next day full, deeply connected and yet the next day, weak again, no energy, no way for my thoughts to support myself. And it seemed that the world right next to me was watching me.

As I stopped at a light in my town, I saw three beautiful young men crossing in the crosswalk in front of me. One of the men was particularly beautiful without a shirt on - my thought and heart felt, ‘Wow, he’s beautiful’, immediately he looked up at me as if I said it out loud and pointed his finger at me while changing his gate into a swagger and acting exactly like Joey Tribiani on friends said to me as that finger pointed at me with a flirt, ‘how YOU doing?:” is that proof?Ah, there’s so much more. It’s almost as if every thought of mine is picked up by someone else, or I am picking up someone else’s thoughts and they are immediately acted out.  This is Grace and it’s happening all the time, just pay attention. And a word of caution, if you are angry or stuck in an unproductive feeling, it will get acted out by someone immediately. We have free will and this is the key thing to know and remember here.

Gratitude works . . . and so does free will. All the time. You can bank on it, probably better than the economic culture we are changing right now. So don’t focus on anything in particular. Just be grateful of the little things, in every moment. If you focus too much on what you want to happen, then you are putting out lack energy on that thing. It won’t happen as easily as if you take your focus off that and put it onto what’s right in front of you and love and have gratitude for that.  

Look around you in this moment and you will see what there is to be grateful for.  My books, my desk, my lights, lots of pens to write with, my beautiful fingers gliding across this keyboard, the agility of my fingers, the knowing of where to go as I think, the fresh slightest of breezes that come in the summer night, the sound of the birds singing in the trees, or is that crickets, it can go on and on and on, and what more precious to do than to keep your focus on what is real, you.

Two techniques to build your Gratitude Muscle:

1. When you are laying down from the day, before you go to sleep, go over the things that DID happen and be grateful. When you come across something that didn’t get done or happen, let it go and be grateful that tomorrow you will find the solution.

2. Take moments to write what you are grateful for, or, just say in your heart during your day, as you do what you do, what you can be grateful for in each moment. Writing seems to be powerful for some, like me, just re-reading your own words can fill your heart with love. Some people keep a gratitude journal daily.

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