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Martinis or Meditation

Posted by Sheryl Jai on March 31, 2014 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (0)

by guest blogger and Oneness Trainer Margaret Nichols

Polar Vortexes. Worldwide government overthrows. Financial market swings that make Lindsay Lohan look stable.


There's no question there is massive global flux. Great tumult, but also a coinciding collective awakening towards mindfulness and heart-centered living as a way to deal with it. We're reaching for new solutions.


Increasingly popular yoga, meditation, conscious eating and spending, even corporate culture -- mindfulness in every aspect of our lives is raising our consciousness in evolution.


Many of us are put off from beginning or adhering to a spiritual practice because of an innate sense of unworthiness within. In a Catch 22, it's only when we allow ourselves the vulnerability of seeing and being in that unworthiness, that it begins to dissipate.


The higher we rise in consciousness, the less small "s" self we experience, and the more capital "S." (Let's call it higher Self, Source, Universe, you can deem it whatever you want; the intelligence we're connected to which is bigger than us.) The more Big S we have, the more flow in our lives and the more connected we feel to others.


As we let go of the small "self," we become witness to our thoughts. Sounds sorta scary, but it's actually completely and utterly freeing. The pinnacle of this is what yogis for thousands of years have deemed "Mukti" or liberation. Ethereal in concept, yet these days, it's amazingly quite real.


For better or worse, the nature of the mind is to compare and contrast. Much of our lives -- all of our lives -- are spent judging others and ourselves. So often, when we set out to spiritual practices, we want it to look perfect. We feel like frauds if we have too much to drink, lash out in anger or would rather watch Bravo than CNN.


And on the flipside, tightly sewn into Western culture is: you have to be "good" to be spiritual.


I've heard teachers proclaim they refuse to teach a student who "_____." (Fill in the blank for that teacher's personal Achilles heel, whether it's drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, meat.)


It's irrelevant how "good" we are; all we can do is start where we are.


With a gentle awareness and intent to be real, any pattern can be disrupted. We never fix anything that's broken, we only uncover the bliss we inherently are.


Addiction is a total lack of awareness. A person is totally merged with this (misperceived) sense of small self, some call it mind or ego. There's no space between an urge or desire and its execution. Even if the head says, "you shouldn't" there is an involuntary physical action to reach for the cupcake, drug, cigarette, perhaps a less-than-stellar guy or gal.


As we consciously evolve, the more distance we have between these two selves. The small self is inherently more selfish, and the bigger Self is more (literally) self-less.


What's most fascinating is that when we show up, the addictive patterns, thoughts, desires, fall away naturally. There's no need for challenges or willpower. All that's necessary is intent and a soft focus to show up to the mat, the pillow, juice bar.


It's the unconscious that governs these patterns. All of these mindful practices inherently loosen the unconscious patterns so that they can release.


One particular vice I used to have was Vodka. I'm Polish. I was "nursed on it," I joke sometimes. (Like all decent jokes, it's funny because there's probably some truth to it.)


Vodka was my escape: my spiritual kryptonite. With awareness and practice, here is how any pattern frees:


An incident happened where I was set off into a "negative" emotion; we'll call it a "charge."


A charge happened: I went straight to the bar.


(Enter yoga, meditation, blessings, self-reflection, etc.)




A charge happened: (There was an opening, a breath, I saw myself wanting to go straight to the bar. I noticed it was a reaction. There was a space there. I began to see ... I considered not going.) But still: straight to the bar.


Charge: (A few more moments of awareness ... one day ... the decision to sit down to meditation rather then go to the bar.) Then after the meditation: straight to the bar.


And one day, finally: Charge: and sitting down. Dealing with it. Being with it. Being able to finally be in the reality of the moment. Not needing to go to the bar.


After that day, I've been able to enjoy martinis because I wanted to. Not because I needed them. Not to mention, they're far less frequent.


Of course I'm not saying it's admirable or necessary to drink to grow one's consciousness, all I am saying is, it's possible. Obviously for addictions that are life-threateningly dangerous, abstinence and medical supervision should be involved.


But for the rest of us -- most are addicted slightly to one thing or another. We know our vices. Yet, whatever you resist, persists. So if it gets you to the mat, the practice, the meditation, that book that you feel drawn to, if it helps, keep martinis on the menu. Soon enough we'll need them less and less. Na zdrowie and Namaste.


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Crystalline Clearings for those addictions that keep you feeling stuck

Ceremonies of Apology

Posted by Sheryl Jai on March 26, 2014 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Ceremonies of Apology Healing Our Greatest Wounds - guest writer Kelly La Sha

If we could stand on the Moon and gaze down at our earth, and see its emotional body, we would recognize that the earth’s deepest and most painful wound imprint stems from the brutality and suffering of the numerous genocides and holocausts that have unfolded on our planet over the centuries. The agonies associated with this have scarred and distorted the earth’s collective imprints in a way that has created profound damage in the form of repetitive patterns of violence, conflict, and disease that humans will continue to endure if we don’t actively heal the cycle.

Those of us who hold these wounds as individuals—either as victims, perpetrators or descendents of either—have the capacity to heal this pain through sincere acts of apology and forgiveness. Over the course of my life, I have observed that the energetic frequencies of apology and forgiveness create healing for individuals as well as for communities. One of the most profound examples of this is Eva Mozes Kor who was a World War II victim of the Dr. Mengele experiments on twins. Hundreds of thousands of twins were gathered, separated from each other, subjected to horrific experiments, and then gassed in the chambers. Eva embarked upon a path of finding forgiveness in her heart so that she could heal her pain, live in peace and end her nightmares. With much fear and trepidation, she returned to Germany to visit one of the Doctors that worked under Dr. Mengele.

She visited him in his home to share with him photos and memories of her family and the painful losses. He greeted her with warmth, openness and willingness to listen and understand her pain. She didn’t expect such a response and was deeply touched by his own depression and grief over the painful crimes that he had committed. It was this sincere regret that he expressed that gave Eva her first experience of true heart felt forgiveness. It was the first time in her adult life that she had peace and restful nights. It had such a profound impact on her life, that she became an activist for this cause of healing through forgiveness. She assisted hundreds of other Jewish families find peace through her story which bridged them into their own path of forgiveness.

This story isn’t complete though without including the outrage that many of the Holocaust survivors inflicted upon her. Their anger and stance of injustice prevented them from feeling the potential and value of their own inner peace. Eva, however, also speaks at schools, corporations, and to families that are not victims of a specific holocaust, but have received great value from her message. Her own healing has changed thousands of lives. I will never forget one client as we were in a ceremonial healing session to heal her pain and anger around her father molesting her throughout her entire childhood. She was in an intense moment of emoting the grief, loss of innocence, betrayal and invasion.

Once she completed her release, we called in the spirit of eagle to help us understand the greater picture of why our souls incarnate into such dysfunctional families. She saw in a very clear vision why she was with her family and recognized that we have soul contracts with each other to serve each others intent to heal. Upon the realization of this, she said through beautiful peaceful tears, “My father loved me enough to play that role for me.” She experienced profound forgiveness and a tremendous sense of peace came over her. This peace has never left her and she plays out her life differently now. Her eyes communicate this inner peace which offers a gift to everyone she meets, because this peace of inner self-love is that tangible. The war is over in her universe. This woman is a perfect example of what is possible through Ceremonies of Apology because she is also part Lakota, part Cherokee, and part Caucasian. Her own family used to deny their Native American heritage and claim that they were Mexican to avoid further discrimination. She carried this shame of her heritage to such a degree that she didn’t want to be associated with her own family.

Separation begets separation and thus she was separated from her own sense of self-appreciation. When she actively healed this shame through apologizing to her family, her psyche integrated into wholeness and expresses itself in her life as deeper self-love and inner peace.

I myself have used the frequency of apology to heal imprints of guilt from being a descendant of righteous pilgrims who slaughtered and stole land from the Native tribes of North America and enslaved Africans (all for greed and “in the name of God”

It starts with taking responsibility for our own healing. We apologize to acknowledge and take responsibility for the lies that are told about our history and the discrimination and imperialism that continues to infiltrate our white culture. We thereby also empower ourselves to heal and release guilt so that we can take peaceful action to mend our ways today.

Heartfelt ceremony is a magnificent and effective way to put our collective war wounds to rest. There is an energetic need for apology and forgiveness on a global scale. The survival of a human body is based on cooperation, not competition.

Every cell in the human body cooperates with every other cell to maintain health and vitality. Cells working against each other are called disease. As humans facing the challenges of global warming and increasing intensity and frequency of natural disasters, cooperation is the best way to ensure the survival of our species. The continuation of our competitive mentality will eventually annihilate us, in the same way cancer is killing our own bodies. We must heal our deepest wounds so we can cooperate to meet these global challenges. Ceremonies of apology and forgiveness addressing our collective wound would have a tremendous influence on the healing of our earth and its inhabitants.

Let’s remind ourselves that we are all in this together. As high Chief Hiamovi of the Cheyennes and the Dakotas has said: “There are birds of many colors-red, blue, green, yellow-yet it is all one bird. There are horses of many colors-brown, black, yellow, white-yet it is all one horse. So cattle, so all living things-animals, flowers, trees.

So men: in this land there once were only Indians are now men of every color-white, black, yellow, red –all one people. That this should come to pass was in the heart of the Great Mystery. It is right thus. And everywhere there shall be peace.” Contact Kelly La Sha if you would like to participate in Ceremonies of Apology: 530-263-7662 [email protected]

Also, if you are interested in moving your past wounds and heal faster go for Crystalline Clearings.

The 7th Sense ??? openness/receiving

Posted by Sheryl Jai on March 10, 2014 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

You’ve heard about the sixth sense, that knowing/intuition that we all have that some use more than others. Some know when and how to use at a moment’s notice and others are oblivious to it. The people who are oblivious, still believe only in taste, touch, scent, hearing and seeing and even then usually use, at the most, two of the physical five senses.

Well there is a lot more to us than just those senses. I’ve discovered that there is a seventh sense . . . I’ll call it ‘open’.

The more we use it the most it’s available to us.

Just imagine that we are born with more than meets the eye. Imagine that some of those feelings, senses, and subtle thoughts you have are real and that if you followed them without hesitation or resistance, your life just might be more of what you would like it to be.

Have you ever wondered how celebrities become so famous? Have you ever thought of something that wasn’t in your physical world, that you wanted? How does it actualize? Yes, I’m talking about the daydreams or imaginings that felt like a really good idea but you didn’t think you could do it, so you let it fade from your existence only to find a few years later someone else thought of it, and brought it to market, and, made a million dollars or more! Did you miss the boat? The feeling is yes and internal blame ensues.

Personally I have many stories that might have changed my life if I were Open. I will share two of them right now. One when I was about 13. I had a portable hair dryer, if you can remember, geez I’m dating myself, the ones that were round like a small suitcase and inside was a small motor driven heating unit that blew into a long tube and attached to a large plastic head piece that would go over rollers. Well, I used to wear my long hair straight in those days, so after I washed my hair I would take out that portable hairdryer and brush and blow my hair dry. There was no such thing as a blow dryer at that time. By the time I was 16, they were mass marketed as a hand held unit much like what we see today, but only for professionals.  It was many years later that home blow dryers were available and affordable for the general public.

Another time around the same age I liked my nails to grow really long. At best all that was available in the marketing was nail polish and polish remover. When my nails would get to a certain length they would begin to crack and I thought how can I keep them strong. I would put layers of nail polish on them, but that wasn’t reliable. Then one day I searched the house for some glue. Yes, elmers! I put it on my cracked edge, polished over it and voila, stronger nails. Again, a few years later, nail glue emerges into the market place.

I tell you these stories because I believe in human potential and that each one of us has something special within our systems beyond our five senses. Our sixth sense, that is called extra sensory perception, includes spontaneous knowledge that wasn’t taught to you. It’s innate. You didn’t have to learn it, it came with your human form. Intuition and a ‘knowing’ come equipped with the body’s intelligence. The ability to use this sense along with your five senses, heightens your life’s imaginings, therefore heightening what comes to you, following the Law of Attraction.

Jean Houston’s life work is based on living a heightened sense of awareness. Upon learning this, I began to be downloaded with information I had never heard before which is the impetus of this missive. The seventh sense of open, openness or opening also comes equipped with our human form. It is that sense that can reach for heights outside of the body. Imagined. Visioned. Dreamed. I believe artists of all kinds live in this world and therefore bring us their form called artwork. Musicians also live in this world as well as dancers, inventors, (fill in a few more) this world to them is their access to open. It’s a receiving of information, a download, if you will, but you have to be willing, trusting and open to receive! This is the key.

Note: This article was written in August of ’09. In September of ’09 I was downloaded with the gift from the heavens of Crystalline Clearings to support humanities Awakening . . . and I trusted, was willing and open to receive it. My life has completely changed because of this event.

Human Having a Spiritual Experience or Spirit Having a Human Experience?

Posted by Sheryl Jai on March 2, 2014 at 3:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Are we a human having a spiritual experience . . . or a spirit having a human experience? by Sheryl Jai


When we are committed to following a spiritual path, whatever it may be, situations in life still happen. The question is what to do about them, do you react or respond? How do you integrate being spiritual with being human? For me, this is a quest that has no answer. Seems that whenever I feel I’ve figured it all out, my life presents me with a situation in which there is no answer. As human being we are process oriented, as spirit beings we are whole and complete in every moment.


So you go along with your practices and find one day life is changing. Even though you’ve asked for things to change, when they come about different than what you have pictured or you think you’ve asked for, you cringe or resist, or sometimes even, dig in and want it your way. Let’s take love for example, a relationship is going along seemingly just fine, each committed to each other and themselves, small bumps get worked out well and are generally happy. Then one day, one says they are ready for something else in their life - a change. If the other one doesn’t readily agree it seems to be a conflict. I say this is not the case . . . breathe for a moment and let’s explore a bit deeper.


As a spiritual being, I hope one of your practices is being with yourself. . . space in a safe and nurturing environment. At this juncture, you take the possible conflict and breathe it within yourself. Watch for discomfort, angst, fear and the like. Allow that feeling to be in place, otherwise you will push it into resistance and then act unconsciously (react) around your mate, with possible damage to them and, ultimately, yourself. Instead, allow your feelings within you to percolate to the surface of your consciousness, heal them yourself and make your choice of what is best for you to do. If your commitment is to love AND the relationship, I believe this is the perfect time to grow yourself. If your commitment is to yourself, this again is a perfect time to grow and if your commitment is to God and to serve, this is also a perfect time to grow.


Now just choose for yourself which choice you’ve made so easily in the past in the same situation and evaluate how well that choice has worked out for you. Is it time to make a new choice? Remember each choice, as a spiritual being, is for the moment, the best choice for the moment and you must be wiling to be responsible for any consequences that choice has, in the moments to come. Staying in truth to your highest consciousness is what allows for change in a peaceful way. The ego just let’s go and you glide into the next phase of being more you. . . spiritually.


Now let’s take a look at the human being. When a partner makes a statement about now being a time for change that confronts you or doesn’t match your pictures of the relationship, the body reacts, the mind reacts and the emotional body reacts. Each one of these has a different reason for its reaction. The body is reacting to past memories of similar situations that didn’t go well, therefore, you will predict this one not going well and may not be in the place of wanting anything to change because of it. The mind reacts because its connection to the ego is wanting to make change in its own way, therefore an argument in-sues inside the mind, called confusion, which way to go, keep it or give it away and so on until chaos reigns within the mind and possibly a loss of energy or depression. The emotional body reacts in much the same way wherever any one of these situations has come up from the past and the solution was other than of your choosing, maybe someone forced a solution on you and you felt you had no choice, or you’ve chosen what you thought was a good choice and it didn’t work out well and the emotional body hasn’t healed from that situation, so it reacts. This is where wars come from, within nations, within people.


Integrating all these reactions within the spiritual being is the opportunity that is being presented here. How do you do that, what do you do? By being centered in the IAM and meditating on any change or situation, you can commit to yourself that you are in the right place at the right time and things will always work out, for the best. Within the peace of this knowing and allowing yourself to let go (or heal) of all past issues you stay in the moment and really begin to see fair, whole, healthy solutions to previously very difficult problems. When you are centered you are able to communicate well to your partner the feeling and rightness of your choice within the change that is being requested of you and your life participating with this partner. Once there are no pulls of resistance or reaction, solutions pop into existence, almost as though God were present in the room with you, miracles. And your relationship as well as yourself, grow.


There are many tools and techniques to assist our human selves into a centered and peaceful outlook. Contact Sheryl Jai to learn some of these tools and practice them on your way to your spiritual human being.

Interview with Misa Hopkins

Posted by Sheryl Jai on December 16, 2013 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

It is my honor to share with you an interview I did earlier this year with Misa Hopkins. It's a journey of spiritual growth weaved through our discussing my falling off a cliff, what proceeded that, the healing, God/Divine, the collective consciousness, and some about the time and challenges we live with right now and how the Crystalline Diamond Clearings works, and so much more. Enjoy and I would love to hear your comments.

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Posted by Sheryl Jai on July 23, 2012 at 11:05 PM Comments comments (0)

It's like the title of a Newspaper.  This is my life!  If I am feeling and experiencing this you must be too!  In the past month, even though I wanted to write I just couldn't.  The changes have been too massive.  Transformational.  Cellular.  Deep in the body and then showing up in life.  The structure of the Crystalline Clearings changed and that just about freaked me out.  The mind always likes to have things that you love stay the same, but the nature of the Truth is that the only constant is change, growth, movement.  It took me a few hours to see that I could embrace it and be curious how the changes would continue to reform into a higher state of being.  See this page for details of the Crystalline Clearing upleveling for you.

Then there was the day that I just blurted out to a friend something that I didn't want to admit.  That moment another facet of my life changed, gave me more space to allow divine to work through me.  The power of owning who you are transformation came from a dear friend who blessed me with a session and catapulted my life into the cellular truth of my own power connected to source.  And, there is so much more.  Each week one big change came, then integrated and I began experiencing these changes in my speech and habits with those around me.  And my mind thinks - This is only the first six months of this year, I wonder what will happen for the next six months!  

It's big people.  If you are ready for it, your divine will give IT all to you, everything you want, have wanted, for the best for you, if you can only accept who you are to say YES!  The IT I'm talking about is what you want, truly from your heart.  What you have been dreaming about to have one day, that day is here.  What you feel would make your life better and make you a better human being.  These times are volitile and fragile, and massively profound and will bring you to your greatness.  Thank you for being here with me, we are all in this together and I wouldn't have it any other way.  My prayers are with you.

Speed Up Life

Posted by Sheryl Jai on May 27, 2012 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)

It's been a while since I wrote something new here.  The Audio Blogs were great fun and they had their time, now it's time to write again! 

Remember when I talked about life speeding up?  Well guess what?  Life has sped up and accelerated so much that changes in your life may be happening every day now!  Since I returned from India in April 2012 (I was there for 5 weeks, 4 of which were spent in a 28 day ashram at Oneness University in a program called the Deepening and another week to integrate in Chennai and have some long overdue dental work) I am experiencing deep love, a connection to source I have never experienced before.  My mind is now only used for purposeful things.  Yes, when your mind goes, what we are talking about is the mind that keeps your life slow and unproductive!  Your divine path is to be the vehicle for God's goodness here on earth.  So when your mind goes, what is going is all the background chatter. What is also going is all the unresolved emotional drama, trauma and judgments that keep you stuck.  Cool huh?  What is left is an experience of life fully present in the moment, able to take it life and respond to your inner truth.  No more suppressing yourself, no more tolerating situations that are intolerable - move on, gracefully.  So many changes happen in a beautiful way that it's quite astounding.  To have your mind be useful, shart, witty, charming and productive on whatever you need to do as a human who is connected and directed by your personal divine, wow!  Yours is coming, if you are not experiencing this yet, you will - soon!

Living Presence

Posted by Sheryl Jai on July 26, 2011 at 9:36 PM Comments comments (0)

Are shifts in consciousness happening to you?

Are shifts happening to you every 10 days or so?

Can you stay in the living presence when consciousness is shifting YOU?

Are your shifts very high then very low? If so, you are like all of us who are in process into higher awareness. Listen to these stories of authentic love, humor, truth and some ancient stories that illustrate how we change while consciousness is changing through us.

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Balancing Surrender and Right Action

Posted by Sheryl Jai on July 10, 2011 at 2:37 PM Comments comments (0)

Does supreme consciousness unfold within you as you Surrender before moving into action?

Can you slow down enough to allow your nervous system to rest and rejuvenate, then see what springs forward?While you are resting the divine feminine has a chance to not only recalibrate you but inspire you. Organically your expression comes from divine aliveness and right action unfolds in your life.

This 12 minute Conscious Audio Blog will give you ideas to see how divine might be able to move through you this summer.

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HeArt of Surrender

Posted by Sheryl Jai on June 21, 2011 at 9:31 PM Comments comments (0)

Exciting News to introduce you to Christopher Campbell, Reiki Master, Melchizedek Priest, Sacred Dance Master and extraordinary human being, who will be joining with me on the Conscious Audio Blog. So tune in.

What is mass consciousness feeding us as pop spirituality? What do you think you want? Is that really the right thing for you, or just some idea that has been handed to you and you are buying it (unconsciouslhy).

So what is really right for you? Can you surrender to your HeArt to have what is really right for you? 

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