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Human Having a Spiritual Experience or Spirit Having a Human Experience?

Posted by Sheryl Jai on March 2, 2014 at 3:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Are we a human having a spiritual experience . . . or a spirit having a human experience? by Sheryl Jai


When we are committed to following a spiritual path, whatever it may be, situations in life still happen. The question is what to do about them, do you react or respond? How do you integrate being spiritual with being human? For me, this is a quest that has no answer. Seems that whenever I feel I’ve figured it all out, my life presents me with a situation in which there is no answer. As human being we are process oriented, as spirit beings we are whole and complete in every moment.


So you go along with your practices and find one day life is changing. Even though you’ve asked for things to change, when they come about different than what you have pictured or you think you’ve asked for, you cringe or resist, or sometimes even, dig in and want it your way. Let’s take love for example, a relationship is going along seemingly just fine, each committed to each other and themselves, small bumps get worked out well and are generally happy. Then one day, one says they are ready for something else in their life - a change. If the other one doesn’t readily agree it seems to be a conflict. I say this is not the case . . . breathe for a moment and let’s explore a bit deeper.


As a spiritual being, I hope one of your practices is being with yourself. . . space in a safe and nurturing environment. At this juncture, you take the possible conflict and breathe it within yourself. Watch for discomfort, angst, fear and the like. Allow that feeling to be in place, otherwise you will push it into resistance and then act unconsciously (react) around your mate, with possible damage to them and, ultimately, yourself. Instead, allow your feelings within you to percolate to the surface of your consciousness, heal them yourself and make your choice of what is best for you to do. If your commitment is to love AND the relationship, I believe this is the perfect time to grow yourself. If your commitment is to yourself, this again is a perfect time to grow and if your commitment is to God and to serve, this is also a perfect time to grow.


Now just choose for yourself which choice you’ve made so easily in the past in the same situation and evaluate how well that choice has worked out for you. Is it time to make a new choice? Remember each choice, as a spiritual being, is for the moment, the best choice for the moment and you must be wiling to be responsible for any consequences that choice has, in the moments to come. Staying in truth to your highest consciousness is what allows for change in a peaceful way. The ego just let’s go and you glide into the next phase of being more you. . . spiritually.


Now let’s take a look at the human being. When a partner makes a statement about now being a time for change that confronts you or doesn’t match your pictures of the relationship, the body reacts, the mind reacts and the emotional body reacts. Each one of these has a different reason for its reaction. The body is reacting to past memories of similar situations that didn’t go well, therefore, you will predict this one not going well and may not be in the place of wanting anything to change because of it. The mind reacts because its connection to the ego is wanting to make change in its own way, therefore an argument in-sues inside the mind, called confusion, which way to go, keep it or give it away and so on until chaos reigns within the mind and possibly a loss of energy or depression. The emotional body reacts in much the same way wherever any one of these situations has come up from the past and the solution was other than of your choosing, maybe someone forced a solution on you and you felt you had no choice, or you’ve chosen what you thought was a good choice and it didn’t work out well and the emotional body hasn’t healed from that situation, so it reacts. This is where wars come from, within nations, within people.


Integrating all these reactions within the spiritual being is the opportunity that is being presented here. How do you do that, what do you do? By being centered in the IAM and meditating on any change or situation, you can commit to yourself that you are in the right place at the right time and things will always work out, for the best. Within the peace of this knowing and allowing yourself to let go (or heal) of all past issues you stay in the moment and really begin to see fair, whole, healthy solutions to previously very difficult problems. When you are centered you are able to communicate well to your partner the feeling and rightness of your choice within the change that is being requested of you and your life participating with this partner. Once there are no pulls of resistance or reaction, solutions pop into existence, almost as though God were present in the room with you, miracles. And your relationship as well as yourself, grow.


There are many tools and techniques to assist our human selves into a centered and peaceful outlook. Contact Sheryl Jai to learn some of these tools and practice them on your way to your spiritual human being.

Interview with Misa Hopkins

Posted by Sheryl Jai on December 16, 2013 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

It is my honor to share with you an interview I did earlier this year with Misa Hopkins. It's a journey of spiritual growth weaved through our discussing my falling off a cliff, what proceeded that, the healing, God/Divine, the collective consciousness, and some about the time and challenges we live with right now and how the Crystalline Diamond Clearings works, and so much more. Enjoy and I would love to hear your comments.

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Speed Up Life

Posted by Sheryl Jai on May 27, 2012 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)

It's been a while since I wrote something new here.  The Audio Blogs were great fun and they had their time, now it's time to write again! 

Remember when I talked about life speeding up?  Well guess what?  Life has sped up and accelerated so much that changes in your life may be happening every day now!  Since I returned from India in April 2012 (I was there for 5 weeks, 4 of which were spent in a 28 day ashram at Oneness University in a program called the Deepening and another week to integrate in Chennai and have some long overdue dental work) I am experiencing deep love, a connection to source I have never experienced before.  My mind is now only used for purposeful things.  Yes, when your mind goes, what we are talking about is the mind that keeps your life slow and unproductive!  Your divine path is to be the vehicle for God's goodness here on earth.  So when your mind goes, what is going is all the background chatter. What is also going is all the unresolved emotional drama, trauma and judgments that keep you stuck.  Cool huh?  What is left is an experience of life fully present in the moment, able to take it life and respond to your inner truth.  No more suppressing yourself, no more tolerating situations that are intolerable - move on, gracefully.  So many changes happen in a beautiful way that it's quite astounding.  To have your mind be useful, shart, witty, charming and productive on whatever you need to do as a human who is connected and directed by your personal divine, wow!  Yours is coming, if you are not experiencing this yet, you will - soon!

Strange Energy Day 4/15/10

Posted by Sheryl Jai on April 15, 2010 at 9:01 PM Comments comments (0)

Are you sleeping? Are you aggravated or irritated? Are you in wondering what is going on inside you?


Yesterday was the new moon for the beginning of theastrological chart in Aries.  Verypowerful.  Plus, we are moving intoa Mercury Retrograde period in a few days.  Many people, including me, were not able to sleep or felt abit of expansion along with some uncomfortable energy in our body.  It was also reported by some,irritation about knowing which direction to take, uncomfortable changes coming,and a discomfort with not knowing.


These are the types of physical, mental and emotionalchanges that happen when we have a large vision or big goals to accomplish,namely reaching our spiritual purity and divine love.  Sometimes the ego will have a long inner discussion with youabout how important it is to hold on and keep things going exactly asplanned.  Sometimes you will alsoneed more sleep or be unable to sleep at the appropriate time. 


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or possiblyothers, please be kind and gentle with yourself.  It is my understanding that sometimes this is how ourprayers are answered, by giving us an experience of the unknown.  This is the time to allow yourself tostretch and ‘not know’ what will happen today or tomorrow, but just staypresent to how you are feeling, be gentle and nurturing with yourself andengage with your deep conscious breath.


Where does it say you will know exactly how Divine willenter your life?


Personally, the last two nights, I have been sleeping with aSelenite crystal under my pillow. Selenite is for opening your crown, heart and changing your DNA to alignwith your Divine Self, as well as many more properties.  It is made of fire and water, just likeus.  It is over 600,000 years oldand mined in New Mexico and points south. It can be known as cell-ignite! 


What I have been feeling is expanded and my moleculestalking to each other wondering where they belong, inside me or outside ofme.  It’s been an interestingday.  I have total trust thatDivine is working with me to change and deepen Divine Love within me, so I’mletting go of any control over my life, having to know what direction I’m goingin or needing anything and trusting that my next step will begin to be revealedin perfect time (as it always is). For now, I’m going to just relax and allow the energies to work with me without my ego needing to know how it will look, or that I need to keep ontrack or anything else. 

Try it for yourself just to see if you can break any old habits.  Try not listening to the ego's inner voice that might be convincing you to 'do' things to make the feelings change.  Just try to be kind.

Here is what one woman wrote to me today . . .

"I can feel things are shifting to an unknown place. I'm not sure if anything feels predictable or stable in my life - and I realize that's a good thing because it means I'm letting go of some of the old familiar ways that aren't needed - and at the same time I'm not sure what is calling me".

I say YAY for you!


To your, and our, blessed events!


Threshold - Our Spiritual Ceiling

Posted by Sheryl Jai on March 23, 2010 at 2:33 AM Comments comments (0)

Threshold – Our Spiritual Ceiling


Typically in January I’m lookingfor planning/feeling out what my year is going to be like and there’s not muchhappening until the end of the month.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a fullclientele at the beginning at the year, this is new for me, in Jan.  So,this has allowed me to ‘see’ things, situations and people in a newlight.  What I’m noticing about everyone I’m in touch with, is that theemotional body is way more stirred up in January.


During December, people areexhausted, doing more, regular schedules plus holiday things, traveling, seeingfamilies, it’s all so much more than our regular schedule, it gets veryexhausting. Then in January they are all excited about making new yearsresolutions and even if they are not into resolutions they are seeing the newyear as fresh and new.  The thought is, It’s a new year and maybe I cancreate something new this year. They have a good outlook at the beginning ofthe year, then something happens, and I don’t know how it gets stimulated, butsomething happens where, maybe it’s because they started dreaming really welland they like their dream and they want to have their dream and then they hitthe ceiling, a threshold, and the thresold has no frequency to hold any spaceother than the space they have been in.


Since I now have my pulse a littlebit different on the consciousness thru the Crystalline Clearings’s  . . .This is all the emotional body that is out of whack.


Ahh, this is exactly what athreshold is.  It is that place where you cannot hold the frequencybecause you don’t have any experience of it but you want it more than anythingelse in the world and you will do anything for it except when it gets your

your emotional body down you don’twant that disturbed.


What people have been saying to meall month is “it’s so hard”, “why is it so hard” and my answer is if you hadfelt this when it first happened, it wouldn’t be so hard. But when we firstfelt it, we pushed it down because it was too painful.  So it turned toresistance so you reach the threshold of that familiar pain and you hold itdown and if you keep holding it down you are never going to get out of thisuntil you go through it.  So you might as well go through it now and havethe kind of year you want.  The Crystalline Clearings will definitely helpthis.  Then you’ve got more of an opportunity to start holding thefrequency the way you want and at the level you are choosing, your fresh start.


This is the way one of our CC Groupexplains the above:

We say we want something, we getexcited and energized about some vision, some feeling, of something that wewant and we have the opportunity and the hope for it then as we actually starthaving to be in relationship with it in reality with the day to day we have toimplement this stuff.  In a way, we get back into our old patterns asopposed to staying in the vision and the hope what is of service to us.


My response:

Exactly, the frequency of what wewant, we have the dream of what we want but we don’t have the feeling ofit.  We don’t know what it would feel like to own a billion dollars. Andso, when you have $10,000 and you have never had $10,000 you will get just asfreaked out as if you had a billion dollars.


Because you don’t know how to holdthe frequency of that which you are claiming, don’t have relationship with it,or to it, or with it. So it lives outside of your box in your limited thresholdand then the threshold you are continually interacting with is the limitationinstead of your dreams.



The Darkest Time of All

Posted by Sheryl Jai on March 10, 2010 at 2:33 PM Comments comments (0)

This bit of information was downloaded to me while getting adjusted on a chiropractic table.  We must be listening all the time to 'know who we are' and share with others.  The openings are always there, the veils are so very thin.  Listen and share what you hear.



We are living the the darkest of times. The Kali Yuga.  Let's explain a bit about the Yugas as seen by the pundits of Wikipedia.




This time in our human history is very significant for us and our evolution. You see, it's about us humans learning our lesson in order to progress throughout the universal evolution. Did you ever question why things seem so hard? When you go through something difficult, challenging, did youget the lesson?  When you get the lesson, you progress.



When you delve onto your past lives you can see that things have been hard but they are progressively better than before. So we are here together in the largest population ever on earth to progress together. To help the earth progress. What we have seen is our demand on the earth and it's affects on the earth and how strong, yet delicate she is while she is transforming herself. We have not helped her enough as yet, or become aware that she needed or wanted help, save the last few decades.  This is a good place to listen more.  Listen to nature.





So here we are in the darkest of all time. This explains so much. We are finishing our dualistic experiences - our illusion experiences, our lives as whores, slummers, abusers, crimes against our human brothers and sisters, we have done this to complete the human experience of power, greed and violence.The seven deadly sins.





We have come here in mass at this time, to complete this cycle of hedonistic ways of being so that we can evolve. This is the prize, to evolve. Do it well children. This will be the last time you have to. And live it to the fullest. Learn what there is to learn to evolve your soul and it will surely progress along with everyone else. If you choose to come back, your life will be filled with beauty, grace and love. Your life won't be a waste when you move delicately thru the harshness that life brings today.



Bells will ring in the universe for you.


A Special Christmas Story by Neale Donald Walsch - Worth Repeating

Posted by Sheryl Jai on March 3, 2010 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Here is a story that Neale DonaldWalsch told about Jesus for Christmas Eve Ceremony in Ashland lastDecember.  I feel it's important to be reminded of our goodness andgrace.  I asked Neale, since I was getting a similar message in mymeditations, if I could quote him in my new book, he agreed and gave me hisnotes.  So here is a preview.


Who was this man called Jesus?


Yesterday, I was listening to aChristmas Carol sung by Bing Crosby and I found myself turning to my wife andsaying, "Imagine the kind of person you must have been to have peoplestill singing about you two thousand years later."  "Yes,"she agreed.  "Pretty Special."


We all know, of course, that Jesuswas the Son of God; that he was Divinity made into Humanity.  And so, too,are we all.  Every human being is Divine, we are all the Daughters andSons of God.  We are all God's offspring: God's Issue. We have allproceeded from The Most High, we are all made up of the Same Stuff, and we areall Singularizations of The Singularity.


What, then, made Jesus soincredibly different that he stands out among human beings, all of whom areIndividuations of the Divine?


Could it be that he knew Who HeWas?


Yes, I believe that's it, andmore.  He not only knew Who He Was, he acted like it.  He embracedit.  Jesus Christ brought into his body, mind and soul the Divinity thatis the natural inheritance of all of us.


But now, here is somethingimportant for us to remember about the Jesus story.  It wasn't this waywith him all the days of his life.  We know, for instance, that he spent40 days and 40 nights in the desert, searching, looking, delving deeply intohis inner yearning, his inner knowing.


Some say it was much longer than 40days.  We've heard of 'the lost years of Christ."  We have heardthat he spent much time with the Essenses, a group of esoterics seeking theexperience of a Higher Way of Being.  Whatever is true about his journey,it is clear that Jesus challenged himself to step into another version of WhoHe Was and Who He Intended To Be.


He dared to explore the outerlimits of what it means to be Human and what it means to be Divine, at the sametime.  He dared to examine what was 'real' and what was not about hisday-to-day experience.  He dared to stop his "story" --all thestuff he was 'making up' in his head about himself and about others, about whythings happen and how things happen and whether things should have happened theway they happened.


Jesus dared to drop his Story andto adopt his True Identity.


Why did Jesus do this? Well, Ihypothesize that, like all of us, Jesus felt a natural impulse toward theDivine.  Like all of us, Jesus experienced, at the heart of his being, anunexplained sense of Oneness, of Unity, with all things ... an undefined butvery real inner Awareness that he was more---much more---than he was sometimesbeing, and that there was more to life than he was sometimes experiencing.


He knew in this Awareness that noneof this had anything to do with what was going on outside, and everything to dowith what was going on inside, of his Being.


The results of all this is thatJesus saw the events and occurrences of is live as serving him, rather thanviewing himself as the slave of life.


He saw every thought, word, anddeed that proceeded forth from him as an act of Self-Definition.


He used life as an opportunity toexperience himself in a particular way.  He chose how he wanted toexperience himself in every moment, ahead of time.  Then he stepped intothe moments of his life, seeing them all as perfectly coordinated outeropportunities to embrace the inner opportunity that he had already decidedupon.


Yet the true miracle of Jesus, inthe end, had as much to do with his outer world as with his inner world. For when Jesus came from his deep inner sense of Self Within, he placed INTOhis outer world such a consistent and remarkable demonstration of it that theworld never forgot what it saw.


In short, Jesus modeled for allwhat it means to Be Who We Really Are.


Now, let's look at how he didso.  He began by living without condition.  First, Himself. Then, everyone . . . and everything . . . else.


He saw it all as Perfect. Andtherefore he saw that nothing needed forgiving, and everything merely yearnedto be blessed.


Blessing, Jesus came to understand,meant covering everyone and everything with the Energy of Pure Essence --- and,by overlaying it, submerging it, in this Energy (which by the way, heunderstood emanated from him), he transformed everything he encountered, andall those whose lives he touched.  In this way, Jesus gave people back tothemselves.  Others, in this presence, had the experience of awakeningfrom a deep sleep; even of being roused from the dead. . . which brings me to'us'.


I experience that sometimes I feellike I am among 'the Walking Dead."  I think others may experiencesomething like this as well.  Sometimes we are dead to Who We Are, dead towhat Life is truly about, dead to the miracle that IS LIFE itself.  Oftenwe are sleep-walking, imagining that life is happening TO us, rather thanTHROUGH us.


Many human beings do not experiencelife as a series of decisions, but as a series of dilemmas'; not as a series ofchoices, but as a series of chances.  You "take your chances"and "you don't get much choice."


Yet I experience that many of thedilemmas I face today are the result of many of the choices I madeyesterday.  Isn't that interesting?  The question is not whether Imade those choices, but whether I made them consciously or unconsciously!


But how can I make my choicesconsciously if I have no idea who I am? Where I am and what I am doinghere?  I can't.  Therefore, I need someone to remind me.  That'swhere you come in.  And, that is where Jesus came in.


Jesus said to everyone, "TheKingdom of Heaven is within you."  He said, "I and the Fatherare one, and we are brothers."  He said, "Why are you so amazed?These things, and more, shall you do also."  He remembered his ownDivinity and he spent his life seeking to help us remember ours.


And that is why we remember him tothis day with songs of celebration and words of praise.  We remember himbecause he remembered us.  He loved us as if we were Divine, preciselybecause we are.  He forgave quickly and easily, because he knew that therewas really nothing TO forgive, save our forgetfulness.


And he was aware that once WEbecame aware of how wonderful we all truly are, we would see how wonderfuleveryone else is, and on that day we would resolve never to treat anyone elseas less than Divine again.  


So let us celebrate, in word andsong the life of this extraordinary being names Jesus.  And, as he,himself, would have us do, let us celebrate, as well the Christ that swellswithin us.  The part of us that is Buddha, understanding and thus endingsuffering.  The part of us that is Moses, leading those we love out of thewilderness.  The part of us that is Muhammad, the prophet who shares greatwisdom about life and how to live it fruitfully and with blessings.


Let us celebrate the part of usthat is Krishna, the part of us that is Baha'u'llah, the part of us that is andremains Forever One with all the saints and sages of all religions and of everybelief.  Let us, this day, be Jewish and Janist, Buddhist and Brahmin,Muslim and Mormon, Confucian and Christian.  Let us, today, be all ofit.  For that is what it means to be human.

And when we are fully human, webecome fully Divine, for humanity, fully experienced, IS Divinity, fullyexpressed.


Let us promise ourselves to embrace and live theChristmas promise, the promise of Divinity born in us.  And then, at last,we will create peace on earth, goodwill to all.

Stories Worth Telling by Alan Cohen

Posted by Sheryl Jai on December 30, 2009 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

In the spirit of the holiday season, Dee and I (Alan) went to a liquor store to purchase a gift of wine for a friend. There we asked the store owner, a congenial fellow named Ali, for some recommendations. We were pleasantly surprised to find that Ali is a world-class wine expert. He went into fascinating, poetic details about each wine, describing its subtlest nuances and mesmerizing us with stories about the history of each winery, some of which went back over a thousand years. I was rapt.

Finally I commented, "I guess all wines have a story."

Ali smiled and shook his head. "Not exactly," he replied. "All good wines have a story."

His comment got me thinking about the stories we tell. Some stories are worth telling and others are not worth telling. Some stories empower us and others disempower us. Which of your stories bring you life and which deaden you?


The end of this year might be a good time to decide which stories you want to leave behind and which you would like to take into the new year and amplify. One of the most powerful exercises I have ever done in a seminar was to ask the participants, "What story are you ready to let go of, and what story are you willing to have take its place?" The answers were quite revealing: Participants declared they were ready to let go of their victim and abuse stories; poverty, lack, and struggle; loveless relationships; fear, resistance, and many variations on "poor me." In their stead they were ready to tell new stories of living with conscious intention; relationships that yield reward and joy; abundance and success; trust, flow, and creativity; and "blessed me."

Every time you tell a story, you reinforce the feelings and experience associated with the story; you amplify the themes in your consciousness; and you increase the chances of a similar story repeating itself in your world. That is quite enough reason to carefully choose the stories you tell.

If you find yourself telling a story that is taking you to a place you would rather not revisit, stop and consider what story might effectively replace it. I patronize a video store that has a computer program that alerts the clerk if I am about to check out a video I have already rented. The clerk asks me, "Are you aware that you've already watched this video?" If it was a good video and I want to see it again, I proceed with the checkout. If I remember that I didn't really like the movie, I send it back to the shelf and pick out another one. How helpful would it be if you and I had a little computer program in our head that reminded us, "You have already told this story. Are you sure you want to tell it again?"

Many of us keep telling non-productive stories because we get perceived mileage out of them. They do not bring us reward, but they are familiar and we build a presentation

and identity around them. One of the movies I have checked out several times is The Heartbreak Kid (1972 version with Charles Grodin). In the film, Lenny has a canned spiel he gives most people to impress them. "I think it's time we quit taking from the earth and we started giving back to it." A good idea, for sure, but for Lenny it is purely hot air. Over the course of his journey, Lenny impresses a number of folks with his rap, to the point that he manipulates to marry the girl he has been pursuing. In the final scene of the film we see Lenny at his wedding reception, sitting on a couch with a couple of eight-year-old kids. "I think it's time we quit taking from the earth and we started giving back to it," he tells them. The kids simply roll their eyes, get up, and walk away. Like many children, they live too close to truth to be impressed by a hollow story.

Holiday gatherings offer great opportunities to be at choice about the stories you tell and listen to. What a wonderful season this will be if you use it to tell a new story! You can turn around lifetime patterns of negative conversation by pointing your story in a new direction. You may discover that no one is too old or too stuck to get a new story. Bill, a carpenter who works at my house from time to time, is a straight-arrow kind of guy. A military retiree, Bill is a devoted family man and conservative in many ways.

Last week Bill told me that, due to a health crisis, his wife picked up a book on spiritual healing. She got really excited about it, and so did Bill. As we stood in my back yard, Bill went into a long discourse about how spiritual healing works. Although I have understood (and taught) these principles over many years, I listened fervently, absolutely impressed by the new life Bill had discovered. He got a new and better story, and he is loving it!

Rather than wishing you a traditional holiday greeting, I wish you a good story. I wish that the most wonderful aspects of your current story expand, and if you have any painful or empty stories, that you find new ones to launch you into a new year. May your new year place you smack dab in the middle of the greatest story you have ever told. -Alan Cohen

Waking From the Dream

Posted by Sheryl Jai on November 6, 2009 at 2:59 PM Comments comments (0)



Jackie Robinson found my book website and asked me for an interview for her website. She asked me questions I've never been asked before, so out came some information I've never shared. It was an awe filled experience for me, so much so that when I was done I felt transported to another world, I was so high and happy.


Sign in to follow me and I will send it to you as a gift for signing up as a member of my blog.

Loving Kindness Respect

Posted by Sheryl Jai on September 22, 2009 at 12:23 PM Comments comments (0)

The video below is so inspiring! Does it take the children to wake us up? If so, I say YES! This gentle child is 13 yrs old.

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