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The 7th Sense ??? openness/receiving

Posted by Sheryl Jai on March 10, 2014 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

You’ve heard about the sixth sense, that knowing/intuition that we all have that some use more than others. Some know when and how to use at a moment’s notice and others are oblivious to it. The people who are oblivious, still believe only in taste, touch, scent, hearing and seeing and even then usually use, at the most, two of the physical five senses.

Well there is a lot more to us than just those senses. I’ve discovered that there is a seventh sense . . . I’ll call it ‘open’.

The more we use it the most it’s available to us.

Just imagine that we are born with more than meets the eye. Imagine that some of those feelings, senses, and subtle thoughts you have are real and that if you followed them without hesitation or resistance, your life just might be more of what you would like it to be.

Have you ever wondered how celebrities become so famous? Have you ever thought of something that wasn’t in your physical world, that you wanted? How does it actualize? Yes, I’m talking about the daydreams or imaginings that felt like a really good idea but you didn’t think you could do it, so you let it fade from your existence only to find a few years later someone else thought of it, and brought it to market, and, made a million dollars or more! Did you miss the boat? The feeling is yes and internal blame ensues.

Personally I have many stories that might have changed my life if I were Open. I will share two of them right now. One when I was about 13. I had a portable hair dryer, if you can remember, geez I’m dating myself, the ones that were round like a small suitcase and inside was a small motor driven heating unit that blew into a long tube and attached to a large plastic head piece that would go over rollers. Well, I used to wear my long hair straight in those days, so after I washed my hair I would take out that portable hairdryer and brush and blow my hair dry. There was no such thing as a blow dryer at that time. By the time I was 16, they were mass marketed as a hand held unit much like what we see today, but only for professionals.  It was many years later that home blow dryers were available and affordable for the general public.

Another time around the same age I liked my nails to grow really long. At best all that was available in the marketing was nail polish and polish remover. When my nails would get to a certain length they would begin to crack and I thought how can I keep them strong. I would put layers of nail polish on them, but that wasn’t reliable. Then one day I searched the house for some glue. Yes, elmers! I put it on my cracked edge, polished over it and voila, stronger nails. Again, a few years later, nail glue emerges into the market place.

I tell you these stories because I believe in human potential and that each one of us has something special within our systems beyond our five senses. Our sixth sense, that is called extra sensory perception, includes spontaneous knowledge that wasn’t taught to you. It’s innate. You didn’t have to learn it, it came with your human form. Intuition and a ‘knowing’ come equipped with the body’s intelligence. The ability to use this sense along with your five senses, heightens your life’s imaginings, therefore heightening what comes to you, following the Law of Attraction.

Jean Houston’s life work is based on living a heightened sense of awareness. Upon learning this, I began to be downloaded with information I had never heard before which is the impetus of this missive. The seventh sense of open, openness or opening also comes equipped with our human form. It is that sense that can reach for heights outside of the body. Imagined. Visioned. Dreamed. I believe artists of all kinds live in this world and therefore bring us their form called artwork. Musicians also live in this world as well as dancers, inventors, (fill in a few more) this world to them is their access to open. It’s a receiving of information, a download, if you will, but you have to be willing, trusting and open to receive! This is the key.

Note: This article was written in August of ’09. In September of ’09 I was downloaded with the gift from the heavens of Crystalline Clearings to support humanities Awakening . . . and I trusted, was willing and open to receive it. My life has completely changed because of this event.

The Universal Message

Posted by Sheryl Jai on May 4, 2011 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Listen to this 33 second Universal message - just for you

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Crystalline Intelligent Energy

Posted by Sheryl Jai on February 28, 2010 at 10:58 PM Comments comments (0)

The excitement is building and I am so very grateful and humbled at theresults that people have been reporting from being Cleared with the Crystalline energy.

The changes in my own life have been enormous.  My heart's desires arehappening, when they are divine, and that is such a precious gift to me. It's much easier to tell the difference of divine right action too because whenmy heart wants something, sometimes I don't even ask for it, or begin to put itinto action, it just comes to me.  If it's not divine right action, byputting what I feel are my heart's desires into action and there are bumps,things aren't easy, I begin to question whether this is coming from my ego ordivine.  Then clarity comes.  Others are experiencing this also.

One story I wanted to share with you is one day recently I was walking intown where I live in Ashland.  It is such a beautiful small town andpeople are out all over, so it's beautiful and enlivening to take a walk aroundtown.  One day I was walking and about a block away two women werestanding talking at the end of the block.  They both whipped their headsaround to watch me walking towards them, then they looked at each other, begantalking again, and then turned their heads to look towards me again.  Itseemed as if they were recognizing me, but they didn't. 

I asked my inner guidance to tell me what that was all about and the answerwas, "They felt your energy of love touch them all the way at the end ofthe block. We wanted to show you how much bigger and cleaner your energy fieldsare since offering the Clearings to others."

A few days later, I was talking to someone in the coop and I could actuallyfeel the Clearings clearing her without any effort from me.  A day latershe called me and told me she had the most awesome experience after we talkedand she felt I had something to do with it.  I asked my inner guidanceabout this and the answer came "you ARE the Crystalline Clearing energy,it will happen anytime you are near someone or talking to them." 

I am so humbled by this and filled with the awe that living divine rightaction can provide.


Spiritual Fury

Posted by Sheryl Jai on February 16, 2010 at 5:06 PM Comments comments (0)

We are living in the densest energies ever, ofall time, the mental thought realm!


It’s going to take the largest amount of people who can hold the frequency ofthe highest light potential of humanity to begin to breakthrough this density,then continue to hold it to fruition.


This is what we are ready for. It’s no longer time to continue to work on yourself,it’s time to KNOW that you have done enough on yourself and GIVE to thecollective unconscious, your LIGHT.


It’s time to know that you are done with your small stuff, it may come up andvisit you once in a while, and when it does your internal strength will tellyou what to do in the moment. You won’t be punished by it any longer, you won’thave to struggle with it any longer.


Then, move into the light, help others move into the light and hold thatfrequency, strong. No more warriors, the fight is over! Now it's receiving timefor all of us.If you haven’t learned yet, that receiving is active, then learnit now!


This is not a passive time, it’s time to live Passionate spiritual energy, the energy of LIFE, that fire that runs within you, in your belly, and gives youultimate happiness. Doing what makes you the most happy, makes the Universe andall that guides you happy, this does not mean shirking duties, this meanshaving integrity in everything you do. Doesn’t it make you happy when you get thingsdone? Isn’t it a relief when you are finished with the day and you can say toyourself, ‘That was a good day’?


If you are ready for more spiritual passion in your life, go to my CrystallineClearings site to receive your special offer.

Inner Peace and Crystalline Clearings

Posted by Sheryl Jai on November 30, 2009 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

If I didn't have 'lack' in my life, I wouldn't have learned that

Source is not outside of me. People are not my source, my work is not my source. The source of life runs through me connected to me and expresses itself as me.


Living a life of service doesn't mean getting everything I want or only doing life on my own terms, in my own way. It means putting myself to task, learning how to change my distorted thinking and past illusory experiences into the gift that I have been awakened with - to evolve my life, consciously.


Do what you love and the money will follow. That statement doesn't mean to neglect the power of God that lives within you and do whatever you want within the illusion (conditioning).


This kind of distorted thinking creates angst within us. It also creates many unresolved thoughts, experiences and incomplete solutions that are waiting to be solved. These thoughts and undone actions revolve and recycle in our magnetic fields causing us to keep attracting what we have been wanting to let go of, detach from, yet we cannot do that without truly letting go, consciously.


One phrase I’ve taught my students is to learn to claim, trust and believe in themselves by stating “I’m done with that”. So, let’s say that a typical problem arises again, face it consciously and drop into your heart and state “I’m done with that”, then you let go internally for a moment and what arises within you is another way to act/react in that moment. Profoundly possible.


Crystalline Clearings have become very popular over the last three months since I have changed my service from self-healing sessions to Crystalline Clearing’s for people. One woman said “I am now conscious why I have not lost the weight I’ve wanted to in 10 years”. Her conscious opened, as a result of being cleared, so she could claim what was true and real, then change it consciously to “I’m done with that”, then make a new choice. There was a gentleman who grieved the loss of his relationship. In two days he became clear that he was holding on to her and to have another relationship come to him, he would have to know that he was done with that. Within a week he had three invitations from three new women friends. Another woman’s life was chaos. She knew the way she thought was chaotic and therefore created chaos towards her. In two months of clearings she moved into a better home, was able to do that move in peace and calmness and said money is coming to her effortlessly because she is in inspired action. Do you think this creates inner peace?


We are on a mission for the divine. To spread the seeds of oneness. To restore humanity’s dignity. Underlying in the hearts if our humanity is care, contribution. We come already pre-wired with it as our natural operating system. Is our care really operating in our lives right now? Do we give care and kindness to others? Do we accept care, thoughtfulness and kindness from others?


Restlessness and quick paced lives have brought us to our knees, we have let go of kindness and respect … how do we regain it? Results don't come from our doing they come from our being.


The mental body and emotional body are getting the least amount of attention from our consciousness. The mental is connected to the conscious mind. The emotional is connected to the sub-conscious mind. The sub-conscious mind is connected to the illusion and the mental body is the interpreter. We keep dancing around these fields, which become holograms and affect our conscious mind and that is what is attracted to us. These fields become clogged with thought patterns where we feel stuck and reactive. Our manifestation abilities are then limited by the mind. Which is not divine source energy.


Let’s consciously create our personal solutions to inner peace by being done with past thoughts and patterns and choosing consciously for today.

Crystalline Clearings

Posted by Sheryl Jai on October 14, 2009 at 12:14 AM Comments comments (0)

This has been a long time coming . . . and I'm so excited to tell you . . .



Since I fell off the mountain over 12 years ago,one of the gifts that opened at that time is being involved in multi-dimensional work with the Cosmic forces of change for the GoldenAge.



My team would call on my energy during the night, teach me what they needed to be done through the dimensions, and I would simply offer my energy to fulfill their request.



Sometimes I would be awake for days, learning and receiving, asking internal questions and watching what was happening. I felt it was unspeakable work, something I could not share with anyone, and something I did to fulfill my dharmic commitment to the Universe and Humanity.



Until now. It's as though 'my team' gave me permission to allow others to know and experience this work, it's value and to assist us to move into our dharmic work together in a very easy way. We are ready for this. We have done our work and we are ready for the blocks to be removed, through the dimensions, to allow us ease on our path as humans. Some ofthese teachings, this cosmic awareness, I brought into my own body (bringing heaven to earth, the body) as a daily practice so that I could learn/teach it to others. I have been doing this now for the past 12 years in groups, classes and private sessions. Our classroom is our human body. Now we are ready to receive Grace.



The Crystalline Clearings will assist you in having more ease and grace, knowing you are not alone in your work any longer (really believe this), and not really having to 'do' anything any more. Our magnetic fields are chaotic, filled with concerns for our personal lives, of the impending changes and as those energies reach out to our grid structure which goes through the quantum fields and beyond to our fields of PurePotential, what we have been getting back is other than fulfilling.



It's time to be clear, every day, and filled with Grace.

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