Shazna Jai

The Sacred Awakening

Shazna's Background

My mission given to me in 1999 is to have victory for the earth and humanity through the education of peace, sustainability, sacred living and consciousness.

Jai means Victory


In April of 1997, I fell off a 50 foot cliff, had a miracle healing of 22 broken bones in four weeks by the power and grace of God embedding the Universal Truths as self realized. I learned to heal myself owning divine intelligence within, all my gifts were awakened to be used for our collective growth at this time using the frequencies of Truth and Universal Law from the collective consciousness and the Ancient Mystery Schools.  Working with people one-on-one on self-healing for 12 years and serving over 13,000 happy clients.  Opt in to this website for a free copy of my book.

I became a Reiki Master Teacher, October, 1997, initiating over 100, 1/2 level and more than a dozen Reiki Master Teachers.

I have been mentored, studied and in ceremony with native American, Vedic teachings and native Hawaiian shamanic teachings.  Most were elders or medicine people.

I carry the blue ray of Archangel Michael for love and compassion, golden ray of Christ for Awakening and transmutation and the violet ray of St. Germain for grace and love, white ray of Mother Mary for purity and innocence, and the green ray of Archangel Raphael for healing.  These rays assist in all my gifts to share and each one given to me in a sacred ritual by divine. 

In March, 2006 I went to Oneness University in south India to be initiated as a Oneness blessing facilitator (Deeksha). In May 2010 I returned to India and received the grace filled initiation as a Oneness Trainer, further raising my awakening.  I have initiated over 200 deeksha blessing givers.  In 2012, returning to Oneness University, I attended the Deepening for 28 days of sacred devotion, learning, blessings, releasing ego constructs and healing the inner world of long worn out concepts. In 2015, I returned to Oneness University to begin the first year of a 21 year siddhi yogi course.  In that same trip I became an Advanced Oneness Trainer.  I have initiated over 200 people as blessing givers.

My background is in the Course In Miracles (self-study, 3 yrs), I was trained as a Coach by Landmark Education and the Coaches Institute, San Francisco. I continue to study and learn about Oneness, Consciousness and Fitness, Health and Nutrition and Sacred Living.

I was ordained a Melchizedek Priestess in 1996.  The Melchizedek teachings were delivered orally and are prior to and carried through Christ?s lifetime to today. At the inception the teachings were performed orally by Priests and Rabbi's of the time to embody the frequencies of love and harmony which allows for the ability to radiate these frequencies. There is also a teaching on transmutation and receiving information through the innate wisdom of your cells. In our language today, it is called being awaken and guided by divine.

This past summer 2016 I was introduced to Prolympian Coaching where I am now a certified coach and team leader to assist with dissolving the epidemic of PTSD sufferers and anyone who has had trauma in their lives.  

I am deeply grateful to be of service to divine in you reaching your soul's essence, whole being and health.